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Being Prepared for Winter Snowstorms

Snowflake Expressions or idioms develop in a language for good reason. Take “being snowed,” i.e., to be deceived.  Don’t laugh. There’s nothing trickier than snow. It captivates, delights, is romantic even, as it [...]

Emerging Landscaping Trends for 2019 (Part II)

As promised last week, today’s blog is Part II of our focus on landscaping trends for 2019. To further inspire our outdoor living aficionados, we're showcasing below a few more Deck and Patio projects that, [...]

Landscaping Trends for 2019

Are you yearning for a bit of outdoor whimsy like attaching a swing to your pergola? Or perhaps you’re hungering for backyard woodland garden design? Maybe you’ve been asking your landscaper to come up with [...]