Outdoor Design Can Enhance Your Property’s Views

It doesn’t matter what precious views your property offers — a dramatic or minor water view, woodlands, waterfall, pond, garden, stunning swimming pool or simply one majestic tree — your landscaping can and should be planned to enhance it.


Waterside Views

Vanishing Edge Pond/Upper of Two Ponds

Vanishing Edge Pond/Upper of Two Ponds

“This first Deck and Patio project (left/top of page) consisted of two man-made ponds,” says Deck and Patio’s Dave Stockwell.

“Water features like this one, when correctly designed, positioned, and constructed, can provide a transforming experience in one’s life.” 

The project’s Long Island, NY, homeowners had originally wanted a vanishing edge swimming pool designed to extend their already sumptuous water views right up to their back door.

“Unfortunately, town setback codes would not permit a swimming pool in that spot,” says Dave. “But after more creative discussions by our design team, we learned that a vanishing edge ‘pond’ was acceptable and the homeowners agreed. 

The first of the two ponds serves as a truly captivating infinity edge expanse that melts into the horizon, just like the homeowners wanted; a second lower pond nearer the house was built as a natural swimming pond.” 

For more information on this project, click here.



Centerport, NY Deck Project

Centerport, NY Deck Project

Outdoor enthusiasts both, for this Centerport, Long Island project (right), the couple wanted a very attractive, modern-looking deck on which to enjoy the outdoors and their beautiful water views, as well as a conveniently placed portable spa.

Of course, the perfect height and positioning of a new deck was essential. Also key was the deck railing we chose. 

“They did not want the deck or spa to block their property’s views in any way,” says Dave.

For this Trex deck project, the least noticeable part was perhaps the most important: the deck’s stainless steel cable railing. Like the deck, it is delightfully maintenance free and elegant.

More to the point, the cable railing does not obstruct the yard’s languid water views from any place on the deck — even when people are sitting.

Cable rails – sometimes called “wire rope” railings – are safety rail infill that substitute horizontal or vertical cables for spindles, and, in this case, they were an ideal choice. 

Deck and Patio built a custom spa “cradle” as a mount for their new hot tub. This positioned the spa so they could enjoy the views when inside the tub.

Note: We used Trex “Lava Rock” Transend decking for this project.



Custom Multi-Level Deck (Bellmore/NY):

Custom Multi-Level Deck (Bellmore/NY):

After a hurricane, a Bellmore family needed a new deck. They were owners of a waterside property — whose home was located on a bay off the Atlantic.

The backdoor of this home is set high above ground. In order to bring the outdoor space up to the same level as the home, Deck and Patio’s team divided the deck into three levels leading from the door, down to a new freeform vinyl pool and beautiful deck surround.

After visiting the site, Deck and Patio was inspired to design/build a new 3-tier Trex deck and free-form vinyl pool to replace what was lost. And a priority of our deck design was to create viewing spaces set at the right angles and heights to take maximum advantage of the lovely water views available. 



Pond Viewing

Another majestic pond we built included a stone island. From that island the homeowners can relax on a deck chair. Talk about maximizing views. 


Pond Viewing (Long Island/NY

Pond Viewing (Long Island/NY


“Our clients asked us to put smaller stepping stones out to a larger stone island — in the middle of the man-made natural pond we created for them,” says Dave. 

“The addition of two Adirondack chairs present a perfect spot to feed and watch the koi, and listen to the pond’s waterfalls.”




Backyard Pond and Waterfalls Near Beautiful Woodland (Long Island/NY)

Waterfalls Near Beautiful Woodland (Long Island/NY)

What a scene to relax by.

Deck and Patio coaxed a gentle stream over rocks into several waterfalls. Lily pads wait on croaking frogs. Ornamental grasses wave in the breeze, and flowering perennials add color and charm.

“The backdrop of woodlands was, of course, designed and created by Mother Nature. But by carving out a spot for a waterfall and small pond, enhanced by lush landscaping, it is the perfect way to appreciate their property’s natural gifts.”




Some Like It Hot: Enjoying Red Fall Foliage at Home

Fiery Red Foliage

Fiery Red Foliage

When the weather gets cool, some really like it hot…fiery red hot, that is. The heat we’re talking about is blazing red foliage — bursts of color that some find ease the pain of the outdoor season coming to an end.

More than that, say experts, the color red goes beyond sensual pleasure. It stimulates the human system — even increasing pulse and heart rates. It’s well worth it then to be able to enjoy autumn’s bursts of fiery red daily, by having the right trees in your yard.

That said, brilliant red foliage outside our very own windows requires planning. To get all the dirt on what trees to plant, we spoke with Angelo Puleo, Nursery Division at Bissett Nursery (Holtsville, NY).


Maple Trees

“One of the most popular and widespread deciduous trees that produces bright reds in autumn is the beautiful Maple tree,” says Pueleo. “In particular, along with oaks, we recommend Sugar Maples for great fall red color.”


Choosing the right Maple

Choosing the right Maple


Note: Be sure to ask experts at an established nursery or landscaping firm which variety of maple, etc. will produce red leaves in fall, as some varieties offer up a blazing yellow instead. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…it’s just for another blog post.



Red Maple in Fall:

Red Maple in Fall:

A beautiful shade tree in summer with brilliant color in autumn, the Red Maple can be planted any time of year, including fall.


Cleveland Select Pear 

Puleo also recommends the Cleveland Select Pear for robust color. Like the Oak and Maple, it is also hardy and can withstand most winds and storms, including ice storms — a real plus in our neck of the woods (the Northeast).

Cleveland Select Pear:

Cleveland Select Pear:

“In spring, the Cleveland Select Pear bursts awake in beautiful white flowers, and in the fall, its leaves offer up a deep orangey-red blaze of color,” adds Pueleo.

Bradford Pear Tree:

Bradford Pear Tree: (Photo With Permission: Abrahami):

A close cousin of the Cleveland Select Pear, the Bradford is pictured here as its leaves begin to turn from green to fall-red.


Japanese Maple 

When it comes to smaller trees, Deck and Patio designers often consider Japanese Maples in landscaping plans; red-leafed versions of this beautiful tree offer degrees of red from spring through fall (see last photo). Planting them in early fall allows for new root growth in time for spring.

Japanese Maple (Photo With Permission: Wikipedia 松岡明芳):

Japanese Maple (Photo With Permission: Wikipedia 松岡明芳):

This beautiful Japanese Maple is native to Japan and other nearby Asian countries such as South Korea. It’s prized for the shape of its leaves and rich red color. It’s useful to note that there are different types of Japanese maples. Some stay red ’til their leaves drop in autumn but others leaf out in brilliant reds in spring and turn to yellows and orange in fall. These, of course, can be dazzling, too, but be sure you get what you want.


Mighty Oaks

In 2004, the gorgeous and majestic oak tree was designated the USA’s official national tree. Known for its wonderful shade and lumber it grows to great heights from just an acorn. You can begin from a seed, but you might also want to transplant one that is partially grown. While you can transplant up to between 5 and 8 feet in growth, it’s best to go with a smaller tree to allow its roots to cope in the process.  

Mighty Oak:

Mighty Oak:

A few varieties of oak grow rapidly (e.g., Heritage Oak, Swamp White Oak and Northern Red Oak), making them an ideal choice. Like all the trees mentioned in this blog post, leave about 10 feet between each one when planting. The oaks are sun lovers so choose a sunny spot. Note: For those who keep horses, the oak’s acorn and leaves can be toxic to animals such as horses. 

This is by no means an exhaustive list for fiery red foliage. But we hope it’ll be enough to get your heart pumping every time you walk outdoors next fall. The fiery red scene will so take you away that you’ll forget you’re wearing a jacket.



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