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Fall Foliage: Tips for Backyard Maintenance

 I Love NY’s Fall Foliage Chart

I Love NY’s Fall Foliage Chart

It hurts to let summer go. But Mother Nature offers us a big treat to ease the pain —

Fall foliage.

It’s so sublime — with its blaze of colors taking weeks to complete — that some of us are desperate to photograph it.

Others can’t wait to walk, bike, or drive Long Island’s trails and byways to watch the leaves change.

Without throwing too many wet blankets on Nature’s gift, just remember that these colorful leaves — glorious as they are —

will be falling to the ground before we know it.



And that means…

drum roll please…

Fall maintenance clean up!


“Taking care of fallen leaves is one of a variety of chores worth your time,” says Deck and Patio’s owner, Dave Stockwell.



 Prevent Leaf Tannin Stains:

Prevent Leaf Tannin Stains:

Leaf tannin stains pavers, concrete, and decks. It is better — and easier — to remove the leaves than to seal your decks and patios. Sealers need to be constantly redone, which turns into a lot of maintenance.



Keeping Lawns Healthy in Fall:

Keeping Lawns Healthy in Fall:

“It’s also important to keep leaves off the grass,” says Dave. “Healthy grass can get matted down, and in winter, when it needs sunlight and oxygen, this could be a problem.”



Tree Maintenance in Fall: (Photo: Aquascape, inc.)

Tree Maintenance in Fall: (Photo: Aquascape, inc.)

This is a good time of year to cut any dead tree limbs away, so that coming snow or ice storms won’t cause them to crack and fall. Falling limbs can result in accidents to people, cars, and homes.

One way to predict future problems is to look up the tree carefully before the leaves have fallen. Any branches completely bare of leaves indicate they should be cut off. Also check to see if any low-hanging branches are near power lines; trim these so the weight of snow or ice won’t pull them dow into the wiring.



Fall Driveway Prep with Stakes:

Fall Driveway Prep with Stakes:

To prep your driveway and walkway for winter, it’s helpful to get supplied with fiberglass stakes (sometimes called “plow stakes” or “snow stakes”) for placing along your driveway in advance of the first snow storm.

You position the stakes to indicate where any costly Belgium Block or other edging could be damaged from snow plows. One end of the stake is pointed for easy insertion in the ground. Also, they come in different colors and you can let a particular color indicate, for example, where a fire hydrant is, the regular curb, your driveway entrance, etc.



Now back to the good news.

As you can see from the above chart from NY State’s Division of Tourism, I Love NY foliage page, Long Islanders have a bit of time yet before peak foliage to schedule our outdoor maintenance  — and our fall foliage activities as well.

This also means, if you have a pond, there’s time left to get netting to protect it from fallen debris.





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Project Showcase: Restoring Waterside Living After Disasters

As the United States and its territories begin their long resurrection from destruction to having basic needs met, it is important to remember that, with time, the full joys of waterside/coastal living can also come back strong.

Island and coastal people are tough. Here on Long Island we didn’t need Hurricane Sandy (2013) to show us how much of a challenge Mother Nature can be. Our barrier islands regularly take a pounding. Beach erosion is an ongoing problem for counties and municipalities, as is rising sea levels. But we keep bouncing back.

In addition to our prayers and donations, we wish all our citizens a full recovery — like ones we were able to be part of after Sandy. As an example, we’re sharing today a refurbishment by Deck and Patio that included a multi-level Trex deck and vinyl pool.


Project Showcase

The owners of a waterside property — situated on a bay off the Atlantic in Bellmore, Long Island — were initially shaken by the loss of their outdoor living backyard amenities.

After visiting the site, Deck and Patio was inspired to design/build a new 3-tier Trex deck and free-form vinyl pool to replace what was lost. One reason we chose a composite decking material like Trex Transcend is not only does it hold up to intense sun, it won’t absorb water like natural wood will. Plus, Trex’s steel elevation framing provides an additional measure of security when strong winds hit.

Deck Level One

Custom Multi-Level Deck:

Custom Multi-Level Deck:

The backdoor of this home is set high above ground. In order to bring the outdoor space up to the same level as the home, Deck and Patio’s team divided the deck into three levels leading from the door, down to a new freeform vinyl pool and beautiful deck surround.


Deck Level Two

Custom Outdoor Kitchen:

Custom Outdoor Kitchen:

Considering the vistas open to this home, maximizing them was an important factor in every part of our design. Facing in a different direction just steps from the seating area, level two of the new deck offered a custom outdoor kitchen/eating area.

A new grill, refrigerator, and smoker/cooker were set within curved custom cabinetry with a raised bar that mimics the Trex decking. The white vinyl railing offers dramatic framing around the warm wood tone of the outdoor kitchen and deck.


Deck Level Three

Elegant Multi-Level Trex Deck with Pool Surround:

Elegant Multi-Level Trex Deck with Pool Surround:

In order to bring the outdoor space up to the same level as the home, our design called for three deck levels leading from the door down to a new freeform vinyl pool.

The Trex composite decking we used is a composite fabrication that eliminates cracking, rotting or splitting — perfect for waterside living. Trex requires no sealants because the composite materials are protected from UV rays; it also allows no damage from insects, water, or sun.


Trex Vinyl Pool Surround:

Trex Vinyl Pool Surround:

Again, considering the beautiful vistas open to this home, maximizing views was an important factor in every part of our design.

The pool is vinyl-lined; our design/build team added a Long Island boulder wall in front of some plantings to increase the natural look of the pool area; we also added a large custom diving rock.


Deck and Patio’s prayers and hopes go out to all our fellow citizens suffering from these recent hurricane disasters.



Fall Is a Great Time to Design/Build a New Deck

Whether you need to replace your old one, or you are starting from scratch, fall is a great time to build that new deck.

Why? Because design and build firms like Deck and Patio have a bit more available time in their hectic schedules. Fall weather is also usually very good, which allows for outdoor construction jobs to get done quickly.

Plus, with the addition of a few special amenities like a custom fire pit, patio cover, and, perhaps space heaters, the outdoor season can be stretched far beyond early fall.

Deck Basics

The structure of a deck is most often attached to the house. It’s usually elevated, that is, designed to suit the “lay of the land.” The land’s topography also helps determine how high and how many levels it should be.


Decking Materials on Display at Deck and Patio Design Center

Decking Materials on Display at Deck and Patio Design Center

In addition to choosing the right design/build experts, the most important thing is choosing the deck material you want to use, i.e., natural wood, capped composite and pressure-treated wood.

Here’s some of the most commonly used deck materials:

— cedar       — mahogany,

— Ipe          — TimberTech

— Trex        — Fiberon, etc.

Of course, there are advantages and limitations to each of these.

So, how to decide? To make it easier, Deck and Patio has built at our design center in Huntington Station an outdoor display comprised of a wide variety of these materials. Our experts are happy to explain the benefits of each.

Here, you can walk on these installed boards, touch them, and get an idea of what they look like in sunlight. We believe this is the best way to get the information you need to start your deck project.

Safety Is Extremely Important

All of our decks are built to code, including concrete footings 36″ deep and 12″ diameter. Our decks are designed to be safe and unique. For those clients not wishing to go with the traditional rectangular deck, an angular (octagonal), rounded, or curved deck and rails can be designed to suit their outdoor needs.

Make It Multi-Seasonal and Comfortable

There’s lots of custom options for your deck, including special railings, deck design inlays, custom seating, built-in fire pits. Here’s some of our finished decks  that might help you think though your own project:


Deck and Patio "Cedar" Deck

Deck and Patio “Cedar” Deck


Deck and Patio "Mahogany" deck

Deck and Patio “Mahogany” Deck


Deck and Patio "Ipe" Deck

Deck and Patio “Ipe” Deck


Deck and Patio "TimberTech" Deck

Deck and Patio “TimberTech” Deck


Deck and Patio "Trex" Deck

Deck and Patio “Trex” Deck


Deck and Patio "Fiberon" Deck

Deck and Patio “Fiberon” Deck


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Contemporary Landscape Design: Front, Back, and In-Between

In landscaping projects, a contemporary look is frequently achieved through an emphasis on wood and other amenities installed in sleek, non-rigid formations. Such designs are often most successful when they involve improving something already in place.

That was the case with this stylish Deck and Patio complete contemporary makeover. However, initially, when these Long Island homeowners first approached us, they were only looking for an innovative and modern outdoor look for their property’s existing deck.


Backyard: New Decking

Deck and Patio replaced the clients’ old pressure-treated deck, positioned close to their home’s geometric pool, with a sleekly-designed multi-level Trex Accents composite deck in “Saddle.”

Trex’s “Saddle” suggested the natural look and hue of wood that was needed to achieve a contemporary design — just without the constant maintenance.

As the new deck was being completed, the homeowners were so happy with the work they asked us to make a complete renovation of the remainder of their backyard as well as the front and side of the home.



Backyard/Side-Yard: New Retaining Wall

The property’s old-fashioned, straight-lined railroad tie retaining wall was removed.

We replaced it with a tan Allan Block wall, laid out in sweeping curves. The serpentine shape doesn’t only define the space, but also softens the lines of their new relaxation area.

Deck and Patio chose Allan blocks because they look like natural stone; also they combine a rustic and modern aesthetic that result in an attractive contemporary look. In addition, they are also “dry-stacked” so there was no need for footings, mortar or connectors in the building process because the blocks stay in place once they are stacked together — a real boon for cost-savings.






In-between the deck and retaining wall, we created a lovely water feature area that appeals to the homeowner’s sense of sound as well as sight.





Front Driveway/Steps

With the backyard completely finished, the old, crumbling asphalt driveway needed serious attention. The Deck and Patio Company’s design required removing the old driveway and replacing it with durable tan Techo-Bloc pavers.

The asphalt walkway was also extracted and a series of graceful Techo-Bloc stairs and landings were installed.




The beauty of the newly installed front door step and landing were subtly accented by a decorative circle kit giving a charming and aesthetically pleasing finish.

Made of interlocking paving stones, the design offered warmth and charm in a design that perfectly suited the design of their home.




Pool Area



Where there once stood a moss rock waterfall, Deck and Patio designed and installed a sophisticated and elegant fountain style water feature with three spilling sheets of water.





Final Note

On completion of the project, when all the craftsmen packed up, the homeowners were pleased with how their dream and the Deck and Patio’s design vision came to be a reality.

They felt that the finished custom landscape brought their outdated eighties’ exterior landscaping — front, back, and in-between — into the new millennium.



Deck Designers/Builders, Long Island, NY: New Deck Surround for Swimming Pool

Insert A few months back, we showcased a deck project we were constructing in Oyster Bay, NY. Working with True Blue Swimming Pools, who did the pool upgrades, we have since completed the pool’s durable Fiberon deck surround, replaced the old lawn with new sod, and brightened it all up with colorful landscaping.


Old Deck 

Old Deck


The clients’ old pressure treated deck had buckled and nails kept popping up.

“Over the years, these clients got tired of hammering them back in,” says Deck and Patio owner, Dave Stockwell. “Not to mention that these older decks weren’t framed correctly for today’s codes. You could see the old boards actually sagging.”

When a pool, patio or deck needs refurbishing, it offers a great time to add a dramatic statement or two, says Dave. “In this case, our design included dramatic coping along the far side of the pool that we installed flush with the lawn.”


Updated Pool Surround Oyster Bay, NY:

Updated Pool Surround Oyster Bay, NY:

When a pool, patio or deck needs refurbishing, it is a great time to add a special statement or two, says Dave. “In this case, our design included dramatic coping along the far side of the pool that we installed flush with the lawn.”



Fiberon Decking

Fiberon Decking:


Deck and Patio frequently builds decks with “capped composite” materials from a variety of manufacturers — all of whom we highly recommend. And like all these companies, Fiberon offers not only low-maintenance care being stain, mold, insect and splinter resistant, but the materials also keep their beautiful look with little effort on the part of the homeowners. Fiberon, however, also has grooves along the side which allow deck builders to install the boards using hidden fasteners, so there are no nails to worry about. Ever.

“In addition, Fiberon provides something special that others do not,” says Dave Stockwell. They boast a special warranty; not only does the manufacturer give the usual 25-year warranty on its materials, the company offers a five-year warranty on labor as well. This means there is no coast at all to the homeowner should it not live up to its claims during the first five years, and of course, it continues to provide 20 years additional warranty on the materials.”


Fiberon Swimming Pool Deck Surround:

Fiberon Swimming Pool Deck Surround:

Once bare feet season is back, these Oyster Bay, NY, clients will enjoy an expansive deck surround that contains no nails. It’s also a comfort that they have a fantastic warranty with their Fiberon low-mainteance decking.


Bluestone Stepping Stones:

Bluestone Stepping Stones:

Using irregular bluestone, we installed a group of stepping stones for a hammock just above and to the right of the pool’s edge, where the clients can put their stand-alone hammock during the outdoor season.



Deck Designers/Builders, Long Island, NY: Two New Fiberon Deck Projects

Deck and Patio frequently designs/builds decks using “capped composite” materials from several quality manufacturers.

For the uninitiated, “capped composite” refers to an improvement made in recent years to regular composite decking through the addition of an extra “cap” or “cover” that adds an extra layer of protection against damage.

In our blog today, we’re highlighting two such Deck and Patio decks. These “works-in-progress” projects are both located in Oyster Bay, NY, and include a pool and handsome landscaping.

“When choosing deck materials, the homeowners looked at all the options and both clients decided on Fiberon decking,” says Dave Stockwell, owner of Deck and Patio.

“While most reputable capped composite manufacturers produce superb products that are stain, insect, mold and splinter resistant, Fiberon’s special warranty was also a factor for these clients. Not only will they get the usual 25-year warranty on materials, with Fiberon they also get a five-year warranty on labor.”

This extra warranty means there will be no cost at all to these homeowners should there be any staining or scratching, etc. in the first five years. “And they will continue to have the material warranty for another 20 years,” says Dave.

Another factor for the clients was that Fiberon decking boards are easy to install due to their grooved design. Deck and Patio’s builders can fit them together through hidden fasteners, leaving no nails or screws showing — just a clean, smooth look.

“Both clients also liked the color variations and chose Fiberon’s ProTect  “Chestnut” boards that offer subtle streaking and woodgrain patterns.”

First Work-in-Progress Project

Working with True Blue Swimming Pools (Dix Hills, NY), Deck and Patio designed, and is in the process of building, a two-level deck (see first three photos below). The completed project will include an outdoor kitchen and dining area on the second level with a pergola providing shade over the outdoor kitchen cabinet. The pergola will also have LED lighting that will shine down on the cabinetry, creating a beautiful evening ambience.

When the lower deck level is complete, it will act as a magnificent above-ground-pool surround, ideal for entertaining/sunbathing. Parts of the deck will have lattice skirting, and because they don’t have a shed, we designed access panels so the family can use under the deck for storage.

Two-Level Deck, Oyster Bay, NY:

Two-Level Deck, Oyster Bay, NY:

Early in the process, Deck and Patio built framing for a deck that will surround the above-ground pool by True Blue Swimming Pools. The pool is set in the lower level of the two-level deck.


Fiberon ProTect Chestnut Decking:

Fiberon ProTect Chestnut Decking:

Here we are putting down the Fiberon boards over the frame for this Oyster Bay, NY project.


Fiberon Capped Composite Decking:

Fiberon Capped Composite Decking:

Note how the Fiberon boards fit together with no showing nails or screws. This clean look means you can walk barefoot without any concern.


Second Work-in-Progress

Again, working with True Blue Swimming Pools (Dix Hills) in Oyster Bay, NY, Deck and Patio is building a new replacement deck around an existing pool that is being upgraded. The clients’ previous pressure-treated deck was 25 years old.

“When pressure treated decks like this one get old, the nails tend to pop,” says Dave Stockwell. “After years of banging them back in, the nails don’t hold anymore. In addition, such older decks weren’t framed correctly for today’s codes. You can see in one of the photos below how the old boards are actually sagging. This creates a real hazard when walking around the pool.”

The far side of their new deck will have handsome coping built flush to the lawn and landscape. Our design also includes custom curves not often seen on decking. “These clients are great fans of perennial gardens, and as part of the overall landscaping design, we’re creating one for them with stepping stones from the deck that will go through the new garden to the lawn area.

The first of four photos below is Deck and Patio’s design rendering of the whole project.


Deck and Patio’s Project Design Rendering:

Deck and Patio’s Project Design Rendering:

This project is in Oyster Bay, NY and includes an upgraded swimming pool, large Fiberon capped composite decking and robust landscaping, including a perennial garden. Note the unusual custom curves Deck and Patio designed for several parts of the deck.


Old Pressure Treated Deck Boards:

Old Pressure Treated Deck Boards:

You can see the old deck’s boards are buckling up in different places making walking around the clients’ pool hazardous. The new Fiberon decking will be smooth and clean  — with no exposed nails or screws.


Old Pressure Treated Deck Boards:

Old Pressure Treated Deck Boards:

This is a close up photo of the old pressure treated deck boards that had to be removed.


Deck Project (Oyster Bay, NY):

Deck Project (Oyster Bay, NY):

Here you see that the old deck is gone and we’re on our way to creating the beautiful new deck surround and landscaping (see design rendering above).



Quality Pool & Spa Surrounds Provide Best Seats in the House

We love our backyards and spend as much time sitting around the pool or spa as swimming or relaxing in them. Indeed, the atmosphere of a water feature offers an ideal space for entertaining, sunbathing, talking, eating, and pure relaxation.

Therefore, making the right choice for a pool or spa surround will definitely increase the comfort and enjoyment of the outdoor experience.  Below are four examples of quality pool and spa surround options that we have used for a few of our clients. We designed and built these, as we do all our projects, with function, beauty, and durability in mind. The result being that such new outdoor living areas quickly become the best seats in the house.

The following four examples showcase (1) composite decking, (2) all natural hardwood, (3) concrete pavers, and (4) limestone. Pull up a lounge chair and enjoy!


Trex Transcend Decking

Trex Transcend Decking

1. For this very special pool and spa (unseen) surround, we chose composite materials manufactured by Trex Transcend Decking. This decking has a wood grain appearance, but is actually made from combined plastic and wood. Note how the eye tricks you into thinking you are looking at solid wood.

With some exceptions, composite decking, with its protective shell, is unrivaled for being fade, stain, scratch and mold resistant. The “Gravel Path” color used here enhances the wood grain appearance with earth tones. Tip: Whenever possible, you want a deck to go all the way around a pool as seen here.



Brazilian Hardwood Decking

Brazilian Hardwood Decking

2. For this project, we used a durable Brazilian Walnut hardwood. This all-natural wood offers a warm choice for pools and spas due to ease of construction and is a particularly smart choice for an above-ground pool or spa.

When handled properly, it can make a relatively inexpensive above-ground water feature, such as this spa, look like an in-ground pool. This particular natural wood is very strong, hard and durable and resists splintering, termites, wear, rot, fire, chemicals and marine borers — and almost every threat imaginable. And because it is all natural wood, it is recyclable at the end of what is sure to be a long service life.



Concrete Pavers for Pool Surround

Concrete Pavers for Pool Surround

3. We used concrete pavers for this pool and spa surround. These pavers offer a durable, interlocking alternative to asphalt and poured concrete.

Extremely durable and beautiful, concrete pavers won’t show signs of color loss or fading over time, and have blemish-free surfaces. We used Cambridge Ledgestone pavers (“Toffee Onyx” color, in random pattern) to create the natural rustic appearance seen here.



Travertine Pool Surround

Travertine Pool Surround

4. We designed and built this lovely natural limestone pool surround using Travertine, which has gone through a “brushing” process to obtain the warm and antique look it enjoys. It comes in tiles with hand-chiseled (chipped) edges with an antiqued and unfilled surface.

Valued for its banded, pitted “distressed” appearance, Travertine adds rich, distinctive character that stems from the way the limestone is formed: being deposited at the mouth of mineral springs and in caves. For this pool surround, we added a stone ledge, which, together with the limestone, suggests a romantic Roman bath.



Designing and Building Decks in Late Fall

“One common misconception about new decks is that there’s no sense in building one in late fall,” says Bill Renter, Deck and Patio outdoor living expert.

“Here in the Northeast, for example, the weather does indeed get chilly in mid-November, but cooler weather is actually good for this kind of project. For one thing, if built now, a deck will be ready and waiting when the first buds bloom in spring.”

November frequently offers several good opportunities for enjoying the outdoors, adds Bill. With the addition of a fire pit, it’s possible to hold several backyard get togethers before winter completely overtakes the outdoor season.

“Most important, with the availability of so many high-quality capped composite and PVC deck materials such as TimberTech, Trex Decking, Fiberon, etc., you don’t have to worry how winter will affect the deck. It’s only when using natural wood that you might feel it is best to wait until spring.”

Also, depending on the complexity of the design, its location, and especially how high off the ground it will be, a deck may not require a permit.

“So it’s possible that a deck, which easily expands a home’s entertaining area, can be built within one to three weeks,” says Bill. “In fact, we build quite a few decks and patios this time of year.”


Fiberon Protect Advantage Cedar Capped Composite Decking:

Fiberon Protect Advantage Cedar Capped Composite Decking:

Planters are a budget-friendly way to add bursts of color around the deck anytime of year, including wonderful colorful options even in November.


TimberTech Deck and Railing:

TimberTech Deck and Railing:

The black “Radiance Rail” used for this deck railing offered a variety of sophisticated posts and balusters and rail caps to choose from; for more nighttime safety, the rail caps were fitted with TimberTech’s recessed DeckLite deck lighting — which is especially appreciated in late fall when it gets dark so early.


Trex Decking and Custom Bench:

Trex Decking and Custom Bench:

These clients wanted to keep a beloved tree and enjoy its natural shade in summer, so Deck and Patio designed/built a Trex seating bench around it in the middle of the new large Trex deck. The bench offers a great spot for enjoying the property’s waterside views anytime of year.


Trex Deck with Fire Table:

Trex Deck with Fire Table:

This lovely Deck and Patio composite Trex deck and railing with custom seating area can be enjoyed in the cooler months just by adding a fire table.



Long Island Deck Builders: Why Choose Fiberon Composite Decking?


At Deck and Patio, we frequently build decks out of “capped composite” deck materials from several manufacturers — all of whom we highly recommend and can wholeheartedly get behind. Today, however, we are focusing on one particular brand — Fiberon.

Like all composite decking, Fiberon offers low-maintenance care. Stain, mold, insect and splinter resistant, it keeps its beautiful look with little effort on your part.

Fiberon also comes with a very special warranty; not only does the manufacturer give the usual 25-year-warranty on its composite decking materials, it offers a five-year warranty on labor to boot. This means there is no cost at all to the homeowner should it not live up to its claims during the first five years, and, of course, it provides 20 years additional warranty on the materials.

“In addition, while most composite decking manufacturers work hard to create a consistent product so that every board looks the same,” says Bill Renter, Deck and Patio’s outdoor living expert, “Fiberon believes a deck should look like natural wood, where boards naturally vary in color etc.”

One of the projects we are highlighting today is at present a work-in-progress. The client has a kitchen floor made of exotic wood and like all natural woods, the flooring is not monochromatic, but has different shades even though it’s the same material. Our client likes the randomness and variation very much, and chose Fiberon boards for his new deck for this same reason.


Fiberon Deck Boards (Long Island/NY):

Fiberon Deck Boards (Long Island/NY):

Here’s a load that just arrived for a deck we’re building locally. Note the grooves on the side of Fiberon’s boards. The grooves allow builders like Deck and Patio to easily install hidden fasteners. This means there will not be any nails or screws showing — just a clean, smooth look.



 3-Level Fiberon Deck (Long Island/NY):

3-Level Fiberon Deck (Long Island/NY):

For this work-in-progress job, we removed an existing 2-level deck that wasn’t functional enough for the family. What you see here is the pressure-treated wood framing we are building to support the Fiberon deck boards.

Our design calls for a new 3-level deck with hot tub: the upper level will be just outside their kitchen and will house a new outdoor kitchen; the dining area will be on the middle level, and the lower level will be next to a new pond we’re building for them, which will come right up to the deck for maximum enjoyment.



Award-Winning Fiberon Deck Project:

Award-Winning Fiberon Deck Project:

This previous waterside 3-level Fiberon deck project (also with hot tub) won Deck and Patio a prestigious award. As above, Fiberon’s clean lines vary in tone giving a natural look.

Of course the strong “capped composite” nature of the decking ensures durability — a real boon near salt water. Fiberon looks like wood, but is warranted against staining and fading. No nail holes or wood knots either. For more on this project:



Fiberon Deck (Long Island/NY):

Fiberon Deck (Long Island/NY):

These homeowners may not have a large backyard, but that didn’t mean they sacrificed quality. These clients found their Fiberon deck with two sets of steps surprisingly budget-friendly.

Even in such a tight area, our design allowed space for dining and sufficient room for a chaise lounge, barbecue and the ability to move around. Most importantly, we did not over-build the available space in their yard. For more on this project:




All Decking Aside…Where’s the Pool Going to Go?

The owners of this relatively small Nassau County (Long Island/NY) property approached Deck and Patio’s Outdoor Living Expert, Bill Renter, for a new deck. They also shared their dismay at having been told by other firms that their backyard terrain would not allow for the construction of a pool.

As Bill discussed plans for renovating their existing natural wood deck into Trex decking, they were delighted by his assurance that a pool would not be impossible at all; it just would take a bit of creative design.

The major issue with their property was that it inclined toward the house. Other  impediments included restrictive Town setbacks. Deck and Patio tackled these issues by setting the pool mid-grade, and building risers up to the pool height.

In addition, we built the attractive water feature behind the pool to deal with the rising higher grade, as well as to screen out the neighbors — all while maintaining a natural and beautiful scene.

And “pool aside,” the beautiful Trex decking and Cambridge patio and pool surround are pretty special, too.


Free-form Vinyl Pool (Long Island/NY):

Free-form Vinyl Pool (Long Island/NY):

By choosing a vinyl-lined pool, which can be constructed in any shape, curve, or angle, this allowed for great flexibility in design. Plus, the homeowners were not stuck with unattractive white interior stairs that wouldn’t blend with the rest of the pool, nor did they sacrifice a smooth bottom for the swimmers’ feet.



Pool Surround (Long Island/NY):

Pool Surround (Long Island/NY):

Deck and Patio also surrounded the pool with a patio created from Cambridge’s Round Table pavingstones. The pavers’ dimpled, embossed surfaces gently roll into soft, beveled edges on four straight-sided Cambridge Shapes with ArmorTec. The pavers were laid in a modified herringbone pattern.



Stepping Stone Paths (Long Island/NY):

Stepping Stone Paths (Long Island/NY):

Bluestone stepping stones skim across the backyard sod and connect the pool patio to the deck and patio at the house, which is also home to the outer kitchen area, complete with BBQ and refrigerator. The entire project was finished off with the installation of lush colorful landscaping and low voltage lighting.