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Backyard Ponds in Winter: When the Magic Happens

Before we get into the beauty of water features in winter, and they are beautiful, we thought we’d start with one water feature that, alas, we don’t have a winter shot of. But the interesting thing about this award-winning project is we built it for clients in the dead of winter.


Pond Project Built DuringWinter

Deck and Patio pond project built during winter

“The ground was getting hard and it was brutally cold,” says Dave Stockwell, owner of Deck and Patio. “But, in one way, it was a good time of year for such a project because we had more time in our schedule than we usually do in spring. So it was cold, but stress-free.”

This water feature was designed as an ecosystem pond with a natural-looking moss rock waterfall. It includes a stone bridge. And the stream we added just behind the pond feeds the pond area and boasts an additional waterfall.

The clients were thrilled we built it — even though it was winter. As you will see from some of the stunning winter photos below, ponds and water features can be as stunning when the weather is icy cold as when returning songbirds are chirping and the lawn lovely green.


Winter photo of Deck and Patio Long Island/NY project

Winter photo of Deck and Patio Long Island/NY project


When the temperature drops

Take for example, the waterfalls we created a few years back as part of a double-pond, stream and multiple-waterfall feature.

Months later, when we stopped by during a strong cold snap, we couldn’t resist taking a photo of the sparkling waterfalls as they crystalized.




Fountainscape at Office Building

Fountainscape at Office Building



Commercial Fountainscapes

Fountains are not just for backyards. No sir, they are a wonderful indulgence at business offices as well — and as you can see from this winter scene,  clearly a year-round uplift for management and staff.








Winterizing Water Gardens

Winterizing Water Gardens


Winterizing Waterscapes

If you do not want the water to freeze, you can choose to winterize your water gardens/waterscapes by running them with heat, which will melt the ice dams as you see here.

But that is not necessary and you might miss some gorgeous winter scenes.




Sudden Storm Covers Newly Built Deck and Patio Pond Project

Sudden Storm Covers Newly Built Deck and Patio Pond Project

Winter Backyard Pond (Long Island/NY)

This was actually a pond we had just built but had not started up. It was crushed with a sudden snow (the Northeast Blizzard of 2013). You can see the boulder stepping stones and Moss Rock Island with Adirondack chairs in the middle of the pond.

The deck and Bullfrog Spa were completely covered by snow in the shot under the pergola. Despite the storm completely covering the water feature, we think the pond was as beautiful a picture as it was when spring came.



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