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Testing the Water with a Small Water Feature

Not every property, or budget, can accommodate an expansive (albeit glorious) backyard pond — with multiple waterfalls (sigh) and maybe even room to swim (amazing). Some may not be sure they’d even want such a large feature and would like to test something smaller first.

If you are hesitant about a larger pond or water feature project, we’re showcasing today two more modest ideas — good examples of how you can dip your toe in the water so-to-speak, whether you live in bustling New York City, or the slower-paced, and occasionally closely-built neighborhoods of Long Island. 


Hauppauge, NY

Deck and Patio designed and built a Trex deck with two elegant “platform” staircases surrounded by planting beds around an accent tree.

Left Platform Staircase

Left Platform Staircase

Right Platform Staircase

Right Platform Staircase







Even though space was at a premium, during construction we suggested the idea of adding a small water feature and pond. 


Micro Pond by Deck and Patio

Micro Pond by Deck and Patio


“Our designer was inspired by “Falling Water” by Frank Lloyd Wright,” says Deck and Patio’s Dave Stockwell.

“But, of course, on a much smaller scale.”

The micro-pond with waterfall was added in an old planting bed on their property that contoured in and around the deck and platform stairs.

“Now every time they enter or leave the house our clients enjoy the sounds and sights of a delightful pond — without taking up much space.”





New York City, NY

Courtyard: Before

Courtyard: Before

Courtyard: After

Courtyard: After









The former courtyard of these Deck and Patio clients was rustic and not at all in keeping with their more sophisticated contemporary tastes. Deck and Patio designed for them a water wall and pond project right in the heart of New York City.


Water Wall by Deck and Patio

Water Wall by Deck and Patio

The wall was constructed with a trough at the top. A weir controls the flow of the feature’s water into the trough, allowing it to be increased or decreased.

We also took care to install the weir perfectly level to ensure the water flows evenly over the top of the wall. 

“There are no spills between the bluestone slabs of the wall,” explains Dave. “Some of the slabs were pulled out slightly to create a splash off of them in key spots.

We also added a variable speed pump so the water can flow slow and quiet or fast and loud.”

This water wall also has a variable drive pump with an Intelliflow by Pentair. A narrow pond underneath the wall captures the flowing water and recirculates it. 


“Not all water features need take up a lot of space,” says Dave. “Yet they can still enhance your outdoor living with the sounds and sights of falling water.” 




Fall Is a Great Time to Design/Build a New Deck

Whether you need to replace your old one, or you are starting from scratch, fall is a great time to build that new deck.

Why? Because design and build firms like Deck and Patio have a bit more available time in their hectic schedules. Fall weather is also usually very good, which allows for outdoor construction jobs to get done quickly.

Plus, with the addition of a few special amenities like a custom fire pit, patio cover, and, perhaps space heaters, the outdoor season can be stretched far beyond early fall.

Deck Basics

The structure of a deck is most often attached to the house. It’s usually elevated, that is, designed to suit the “lay of the land.” The land’s topography also helps determine how high and how many levels it should be.


Decking Materials on Display at Deck and Patio Design Center

Decking Materials on Display at Deck and Patio Design Center

In addition to choosing the right design/build experts, the most important thing is choosing the deck material you want to use, i.e., natural wood, capped composite and pressure-treated wood.

Here’s some of the most commonly used deck materials:

— cedar       — mahogany,

— Ipe          — TimberTech

— Trex        — Fiberon, etc.

Of course, there are advantages and limitations to each of these.

So, how to decide? To make it easier, Deck and Patio has built at our design center in Huntington Station an outdoor display comprised of a wide variety of these materials. Our experts are happy to explain the benefits of each.

Here, you can walk on these installed boards, touch them, and get an idea of what they look like in sunlight. We believe this is the best way to get the information you need to start your deck project.

Safety Is Extremely Important

All of our decks are built to code, including concrete footings 36″ deep and 12″ diameter. Our decks are designed to be safe and unique. For those clients not wishing to go with the traditional rectangular deck, an angular (octagonal), rounded, or curved deck and rails can be designed to suit their outdoor needs.

Make It Multi-Seasonal and Comfortable

There’s lots of custom options for your deck, including special railings, deck design inlays, custom seating, built-in fire pits. Here’s some of our finished decks  that might help you think though your own project:


Deck and Patio "Cedar" Deck

Deck and Patio “Cedar” Deck


Deck and Patio "Mahogany" deck

Deck and Patio “Mahogany” Deck


Deck and Patio "Ipe" Deck

Deck and Patio “Ipe” Deck


Deck and Patio "TimberTech" Deck

Deck and Patio “TimberTech” Deck


Deck and Patio "Trex" Deck

Deck and Patio “Trex” Deck


Deck and Patio "Fiberon" Deck

Deck and Patio “Fiberon” Deck


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