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Can I Fit a Full-Sized Pool On My Small Property?

The owners of this relatively small Nassau County (Long Island/NY) property approached Deck and Patio for a new deck. They also shared their dismay at having been told by other firms that their backyard terrain would not allow for the construction of a pool. 

As our team discussed plans for renovating their existing natural wood deck into Trex decking, they were delighted by our assurance that a pool would not be impossible; it just would take a bit of creative design. 

Deck and Patio Project Showcase

Deck and Patio Project Showcase

The major issue with their property was that it wasn’t very large and inclined toward the house.

Other impediments included restrictive Town setbacks. Deck and Patio tackled these issues by setting the pool mid-grade, and building risers up to the pool height. 

In addition, we built the attractive water feature behind the pool to deal with the rising higher grade, as well as to screen out the neighbors — all while maintaining a natural and beautiful scene. 

And “pool aside,” the beautiful Trex decking and Cambridge patio and pool surround are pretty special, too.

By choosing a vinyl-lined pool, which can be constructed in any shape, curve, or angle, this allowed for great flexibility in design. Plus, the homeowners were not stuck with unattractive white interior stairs that wouldn’t blend with the rest of the pool, nor did they sacrifice a smooth bottom for the swimmers’ feet.

 Pool Surround (Long Island/NY):

Pool Surround (Long Island/NY):

Deck and Patio also surrounded the pool with a patio created from Cambridge’s Round Table pavingstones. The pavers’ dimpled, embossed surfaces gently roll into soft, beveled edges on four straight-sided Cambridge Shapes with ArmorTec. The pavers were laid in a modified herringbone pattern.


 Stepping Stone Path (Long Island/NY):

Stepping Stone Path (Long Island/NY):

Bluestone stepping stones skim across the backyard sod and connect the pool patio to the deck and patio at the house, which is also home to the outdoor kitchen area, complete with BBQ and refrigerator. The entire project was finished off with the installation of lush colorful landscaping and low voltage lighting.


Landscape Design Is Not Just Flowers and Shrubs

Update 7-27-23

Just last week, Architectural Digest (AD) online published a thorough list of Landscape Design Basics — that proved accurate the title of our own blog on this subject: “Landscape Design Is Not Just Flowers and Shrubs.”

According to the experts at AD, designing an outdoor space is both an art and a science. 

Lush Landscapes

Lush Landscapes

“One’s personal taste is a big consideration in landscape planning,” says our own Dave Stockwell. “It’s wise to give some thought to whether you prefer an English garden vibe, for example, which according to not just us, but Architectural Digest, would suggest formality, with water features, walkways and structures like pergolas and trellises.”

There is also the more modern approach which will offer an uncluttered look. And at the opposite spectrum, there’s woodland spaces with rich ground cover and dense foliage.

“All the experts say that to begin it’s important to make a short list of must-haves,” adds Dave. “From there you create a master plan. And with computer programs such as Deck and Patio provides, you can see how it’s all going to look.”

One particular recommendation by AD that Deck and Patio also advises is to ensure that you plan for multiple seating areas and whether you want space for intimate chats, or complete solitude, sun bathing, barbecuing, and even a party-central outdoor bar. Shaded areas are also key considerations, especially as temperatures seem to continue to climb. Also, will you want a pool or hot tub? Or both? 


Now, Lets Consider The Plantings

Deck and Patio Plants in an Eye-Catching Way

Deck and Patio Plants in an Eye-Catching Way

There’s no doubt the right plants are key to a beautiful landscape. And the landscape design professionals at The Deck and Patio Company go beyond filling your yard with plant material. We use our extensive knowledge of flora to carefully select the right greenery that suits each client’s style and goals. 

For example, it’s key to place tall and smaller plants in an eye-catching display. Colorful flowering plants are incorporated into our designs in a way that accent and compliment your home’s exterior and the sites around it. 

The beauty of any planned landscape also depends on the survival of your plant material. Deck and Patio experts choose plantings using our extensive experience and knowledge of zones, sun exposure and soil conditions.

“Whether it is creating shade gardens for the shade loving plants, digging the perfect depth for the root balls, ensuring healthy, well-fed soil, our landscapes flourish long after we’ve finished our work,” says Dave Stockwell of Deck and Patio.

But Deck and Patio’s creativity really comes to the fore when plants are gorgeous accents to other landscaping elements: water features, including swimming pools, ponds, streams, etc. Also, plants brighten structures such as pavilions, gazebos, outdoor benches, patios and entranceways.


Pool Landscaping:

Pool Landscaping:

Vibration flowers and fragrance were provided here through the use of many varieties of perennials, evergreen and deciduous plantings — all planned for successional color throughout pool season.


Backyard Garden Bridge (Long Island/NY):

Backyard Garden Bridge (Long Island/NY):

As a spot to enjoy their backyard oasis, this backyard garden bridge, set amidst lush plants, moss rocks and imported boulders, became a favorite spot for the homeowners.


Water Feature Landscaping:

Water Feature Landscaping:

Plantings also included various deciduous shrubs and several Norway Spruce. Behind the upper waterfall is a colorful Japanese Maple. Other plants include Japanese Blood Grass, Sedum Autumn Joy, Hosta Sum and Substance, and one of the water plants is Yellow Flag Iris.


Softening the Hardscapes (Long Island/NY):

Softening the Hardscapes (Long Island/NY):

Where extensive hardscaping is desired, it is still important to soften the space. Here hardy plants and shrubs, along with a mature Japanese maple, add a soft allure to the expansive walkway, walls and steps.


Pavilion/Patio with Water Feature (Stoneham/NY):

Pavilion/Patio with Water Feature (Stoneham/NY):

Even strong architectural structures are enhanced by landscaping. With the sounds of a flowing stream and rushing waterfalls nearby, inside this Deck and Patio pavilion, with the fireplace blazing or not, is the perfect area for entertaining. The handsome Cambridge patio we added, with custom inlays/border, is also edged with plants and generous amounts of river rock. .



Backyard Upgrades: ‘Phase’ Your Way to an Awesome Retreat

“When it comes to landscaping, sometimes ‘awesome’ isn’t accomplished in one season — let alone, overnight,” says Deck and Patio’s Dave Stockwell.

Certainly, this was the case for these Shoreham, NY, homeowners. Their dream backyard includes:

— two-tiered Trex Transcend decking, 

— two ponds, stream, and waterfalls, 

— new Cambridge paver patios, 

— pavilion/outdoor great room with fireplace, 

— and a special hot tub installation with custom open-top pergola.

 To complete it, required a healthy budget and building time. So our design team came up with a thorough plan that could be built in phases.


Bullfrog Spa, Deck, and Pergola

Bullfrog Spa,Trex Deck, and Custom Pergola

Phase I. 

In the first phase we built them their new Trex deck (Gravel Path boards) as well as a custom pergola to surround their new Bullfrog Spa.

“I have orthopedic issues,” says the wife. “And my husband has multiple sclerosis, so a spa was very important to us. Deck and Patio’s designer helped us choose the right hot tub with interchangeable, individual massage jets. They’re a snap to change out whenever there’s a particular need.”

For easy daily access, Deck and Patio positioned the hot tub immediately outside their back door, tucked into the deck. Plus, we designed the deck with a raised tier which makes getting in the spa effortless. They just have to sit on its edge and swing their legs over. 

In addition, the deck layout allowed for two adjacent lounging areas for when our clients take breaks from the spa. Our team constructed a custom pergola. Through its elegant definition of space, it provides drama and architectural interest around the hot tub.


Shingle-Roof Pavilion with Fireplace

Shingle-Roof Pavilion with Fireplace

Phase II

The clients also wanted an outdoor great room that could be used most of the year. The answer was a handsome shingled roof pavilion with white columns, which also boasts a fireplace for warmth in autumn and winter months. The bases of the columns are faced with the same stone as the fireplace.

“It also offers additional ambience while they’e in their hot tub,” adds Dave.




Smaller of Two Ponds

Smaller of Two Ponds

Phase III

There is no question that backyard water features can add the ‘awesome’ to any retreat. And these homeowners wanted to enjoy waterfalls and ponds from their spa, as well as the deck, patios, and every area of their yard.

“We built two separate ponds with a meandering stream and waterfalls. The smaller pond [left] includes a substantial stone rock acting as a bridge; the larger natural ‘swimming’ pond [below] has a vanishing edge. Right in the very heart of this pond we added a ‘get-a-way’ stone island with stepping stones leading out to it.”

Larger Vanishing Edge Natural Swimming Pond

Larger Vanishing Edge Natural Swimming Pond

When Deck and patio built this complete water feature, there was room in the larger swimming pond (right) to add a sizable stone island.

With smooth natural stones leading to it, the homeowners enjoy a true Zen experience crossing the still pond to their own private island.

For extended moments of contemplation, two Adirondack chairs have been placed there. The wide arms of the chairs allow for a small lunch and cool drink while they listen to birds and watch koi swim. With a dramatic waterfall focal point, surrounded by robust bright plantings, including gorgeous aquatic plants, it’s a delightful escape for relaxation.

And whenever they, or family/guests wish, they can enjoy the experience of swimming in the pond. A truly awesome experience, much like swimming in a lake, swimming hole, or even the ocean.

More photos of the completed project follow:

Shoreham/NY Smaller of Two Ponds:

Shoreham/NY Smaller of Two Ponds:

This photo of the smaller pond at sunset was a hit on our social media last week and inspired us to write about the whole Shoreham, NY project. 


Shoreham/NY Backyard Retreat:

Shoreham/NY Backyard Retreat:

The view from the homeowners Bullfrog Spa is awesome in all directions. Pictured here is the view looking right, at the larger vanishing edge swimming pond, with waterfalls and stone island.


Pavilion/Patio with Water Feature (Stoneham/NY):

Pavilion/Patio with Water Feature (Stoneham/NY):

With the sounds of a flowing stream and rushing waterfalls, inside the pavilion, with the fireplace blazing, is the perfect area for entertaining. The handsome Cambridge patio with custom inlays/border is also edged with plants and generous amounts of river rock. (Note: Each of the white pavilion columns have lighting.)


Water Feature with Waterfall (Shoreham/NY):

Water Feature with Waterfall (Shoreham/NY):

Here’s a close-up of the smaller pond’s waterfall (looking left from the hot tub). 


Water Feature with Stream and Landscaping:

Water Feature with Stream and Landscaping:

The two ponds and waterfalls are fed by this delightful stream, which Deck and Patio landscaped with beautiful plantings and river rock.


Two-tiered Deck with Hot Tub (Shoreham, NY):

Two-tiered Deck with Hot Tub (Shoreham, NY):

Day or night, this backyard retreat is where our clients want to be. 





Fall Is a Great Time to Build a Deck

The leaves are only just changing, but there’s been a real nip in the air in the Northeast lately — telling us fall has definitely arrived. And you know what? Autumn is one of the best seasons for deck building.

“There’s a misconception about adding new decks late October and into November,” says Deck and Patio’s Dave Stockwell. “And while the weather does get chilly here, the cooler weather is great for such a project. For one thing, a deck built in fall will be ready and waiting for you come spring.”

Also, November frequently offers several good opportunities for enjoying the outdoors, adds Dave. With the addition of a fire pit, it’s possible to hold several backyard get-togethers before winter completely overtakes the outdoor season.

“Most importantly, with the availability of so many high-quality capped composite and PVC deck materials such as Trex Decking, TimberTech, Fiberon, etc., you don’t have to worry how winter will affect the deck. It’s only when using natural wood that you might feel it is best to wait until spring.”

Also, depending on the complexity of the design, its location, and especially how high off the ground it will be, a deck may not require a permit.

“So it’s possible that a deck, which easily expands a home’s entertaining area, can be built within one to three weeks,” says Dave. “Indeed, we build quite a few decks and patios this time of year. And because it’s not peak season, it’s easier for new clients to get us working for them quickly.”

Leaf Tannins Stain Decks

Leaf Tannins Stain Decks

Speaking of foliage. Natural wood is susceptible to stains from leaf tannin and pine needles etc. If you’re choosing a capped composite deck, such as Trex Decking, you don’t need to worry about staining as much as with natural wood. 

However, the experts at Trex, for example, encourage the removal of dirt and debris using a hose or broom to avoid stains. To remove any that have accumulated, once the deck is dry, apply a “brightener” as directed by the manufacturer. Brighteners contain “oxalic acid”, which will remove tannins.


Note: The feature photo today at the top of our blog is courtesy of Trex Company. 


Fiberon Capped Composite Decking (Long Island/NY):

Fiberon Capped Composite Decking (Long Island/NY):

Planters are a budget-friendly way to add bursts of color around the deck anytime of year, including wonderful colorful options even in November.


TimberTech Deck and Railing (Long Island/NY):

TimberTech Deck and Railing (Long Island/NY):

The black “Radiance Rail” used for this deck railing offered a variety of sophisticated posts and balusters and rail caps to choose from; for more nighttime safety, the rail caps were fitted with TimberTech’s recessed DeckLite deck lighting — which is especially appreciated in late fall when it gets dark so early.  


Trex Decking and Custom Bench (Long Island/NY):

Trex Decking and Custom Bench (Long Island/NY):

These clients wanted to keep a beloved tree and enjoy its natural shade in summer, so Deck and Patio designed/built a Trex seating bench around it in the middle of the new large Trex deck. The bench offers a great spot for enjoying the property’s waterside views anytime of year.


Trex Deck with Fire Table (Long Island/NY):

Trex Deck with Fire Table (Long Island/NY):

This lovely Deck and Patio composite Trex deck and railing with custom seating area can be enjoyed in the cooler months just by adding a fire table.




Testing the Water with a Small Water Feature

Not every property, or budget, can accommodate an expansive (albeit glorious) backyard pond — with multiple waterfalls (sigh) and maybe even room to swim (amazing). Some may not be sure they’d even want such a large feature and would like to test something smaller first.

If you are hesitant about a larger pond or water feature project, we’re showcasing today two more modest ideas — good examples of how you can dip your toe in the water so-to-speak, whether you live in bustling New York City, or the slower-paced, and occasionally closely-built neighborhoods of Long Island. 


Hauppauge, NY

Deck and Patio designed and built a Trex deck with two elegant “platform” staircases surrounded by planting beds around an accent tree.

Left Platform Staircase

Left Platform Staircase

Right Platform Staircase

Right Platform Staircase







Even though space was at a premium, during construction we suggested the idea of adding a small water feature and pond. 


Micro Pond by Deck and Patio

Micro Pond by Deck and Patio


“Our designer was inspired by “Falling Water” by Frank Lloyd Wright,” says Deck and Patio’s Dave Stockwell.

“But, of course, on a much smaller scale.”

The micro-pond with waterfall was added in an old planting bed on their property that contoured in and around the deck and platform stairs.

“Now every time they enter or leave the house our clients enjoy the sounds and sights of a delightful pond — without taking up much space.”





New York City, NY

Courtyard: Before

Courtyard: Before

Courtyard: After

Courtyard: After









The former courtyard of these Deck and Patio clients was rustic and not at all in keeping with their more sophisticated contemporary tastes. Deck and Patio designed for them a water wall and pond project right in the heart of New York City.


Water Wall by Deck and Patio

Water Wall by Deck and Patio

The wall was constructed with a trough at the top. A weir controls the flow of the feature’s water into the trough, allowing it to be increased or decreased.

We also took care to install the weir perfectly level to ensure the water flows evenly over the top of the wall. 

“There are no spills between the bluestone slabs of the wall,” explains Dave. “Some of the slabs were pulled out slightly to create a splash off of them in key spots.

We also added a variable speed pump so the water can flow slow and quiet or fast and loud.”

This water wall also has a variable drive pump with an Intelliflow by Pentair. A narrow pond underneath the wall captures the flowing water and recirculates it. 


“Not all water features need take up a lot of space,” says Dave. “Yet they can still enhance your outdoor living with the sounds and sights of falling water.” 




Posh Picnics: Getting Away to Your Deck – Part II

In Part II of ‘getting away to your deck,’ we’re sharing another fun and trendy outdoor activity: hosting a posh picnic. 

This outdoor dining experience is quite different from the sit-on-the-grass type of al fresco meal. Most of the menu will be pre-made like a regular picnic, but it tends to be more gourmet and served à la fancy.

Most importantly, any outdoor dining chairs ensure there will be no sore backsides, or “numb bums” as in the case of picnics on a blanket on the ground.

A posh picnic can be part of a ‘glamping’ weekend (see last week’s blog) or an event all of its own. Of course, it can be held away from home, but it’s a lot easier hosted right in your own yard and deck. It can also be catered. 



Posh Up Your Deck Decor

Very Posh Picnic

Very Posh Picnic

Even if you have a handsome deck (as all our Deck and Patio projects are of course…ahem), you can still consider some decorative flourishes. 

But before choosing them, you might want to begin with a theme. For example, you could host a ‘garden party picnic’ — where beautiful blooms take center stage.

You could also include on your invitations what your guests should wear. 

For example, you can host a cocktail hour on your patio before the picnic and pass around some finger foods like mini Caprese bites, or strawberry bruschetta or anything that might have come from your garden. For this kind of theme, ladies might be encouraged to wear clothing designed with florals.

Next. Besides a sturdy table, some sort of tablecloth is a must — perhaps white linen but something more colorful might suit you best. Also consider some crystal glasses, and, of course, at least a few pieces of fine china. 


Lighting Sets the Right Mood

Lighting Sets the Right Mood

To finish glamming up your deck, add some attractive throw pillows to your picnic table benches or dining chairs, if they do not already have comfy cushions.

And if you think the event will last into the evening, a few strings of lights and music will help keep the mood lively.


Picnic Menu’s Are Usually Made Ahead

The basic idea for a posh picnic is: the breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea is primarily made up of pre-packaged or pre-cooked foods — in other words, this isn’t a barbecue. And because it’s on your deck, everything is just steps away in your kitchen. No concerns about transporting delicate foods in the warm summer weather.


Posh Picnic Appetizers

Posh Picnic Appetizers

Posh Picnic Appetizers


For appetizers, how about some prosciutto, cheese, white wine and aioli along with baskets of crusty bread.

Maybe serve this with some pâté and olives.




Simplified Main Menu

 Posh Fried Chicken

Posh Fried Chicken

A relative once told me she was, “gourmet-impaired,” and some of your friends may also prefer simpler food. So, for an upscale menu that’s more tried and true, there’s nothing like cold fried chicken with coleslaw and potato salad. 

To ‘glamp’ these menu items up, just tie a pretty ribbon around tiered serving plates, or simply use  decorative plates or bowls when serving them. Frankly, we don’t know anyone who’d turn their nose up at crispy fried chicken and a glass of cold white wine.


Gourmet Main Menus

Yummy Cold Salmon

Yummy Cold Salmon


Grilled Ahi tuna, ready to be grabbed from your kitchen fridge when it’s time to serve, is one sophisticated choice.

Another is cold salmon fillets.


Either of these could be served with an idea we saw on Pinterest: roasted aubergine and lentil salad with mint and yoghurt dressing.

Sound pretty yummy?


The Yummiest!



Of course, you won’t go wrong with warm or cold lobster, served in a buttery broth or with some homemade mayonnaise, a rémoulade, or a béarnaise or hollandaise on the side for dipping.

This crustacean doesn’t require much gilding, but a variety of salads would be nice. For cold lobster, maybe a potato salad of purple or multi-colored baby potatoes. 


Desserts, etc.

And for dessert? A summer fruit salad and almond cake could be a crowd pleaser. Or a rich homemade brownie, or perhaps some mini meringues, or different colored French macarons (very different from macaroons).   

If your theme is a posh afternoon tea, the ideas are endless. Scones would be a must for this, with lots of fresh berries and cream — and, of course, some cucumber or poached salmon sandwiches. We believe you can even hire a butler to serve, if you wan to go the full Downton Abbey monty. 

One last suggestion. Don’t forget some filtered water along with the wine and/or champagne.


So here’s to summer on your deck, 2018!






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Camping Or Glamping: Getting Away to Your Deck

Updated 7-20-23

Recently, House Beautiful online published 85 Landscaping Ideas to “Create an Enchanting Outdoor Space,” suggesting “you may never want to go indoors again.”

At Deck and Patio we were delighted to see similar examples of our own designs listed as noteworthy. One in particular caught our eye — create a glamping (or camping) retreat.

Decks are ideal for this as they offer a key ingredient — a flat sturdy surface to put up your tent and house any other amenities that will make camping or glamping only a step outside your own door.

We don’t mind boasting that the decks and platforms suitable for such delightful experiences happen to be one of our specialties.

Note: To add to the camping experience, it’s wonderful if you have a wilderness area near your deck. But it’s not necessary. As you’ll see from our tips below, it’s easy to add a natural look to any deck experience.

And if your existing deck isn’t ample enough for all your camping plans, it probably can be expanded or redone.


The Joys of Camping

For the uninitiated, when you go camping, not only do you fall asleep to the sound of crickets, and wake to a symphony of birds, but, camping on your own deck means you don’t have to travel anywhere to do it. 

Deck Railing Planter

Deck Railing Planter



This can be a terrific experience even if you don’t have natural wilderness areas on your property to drink in during the evening outside. It’s easy to naturalize your deck with a few containers of plants.





The deck camp begins with a tent, of course. And if you’re worried that you don’t know how to put it up, there are a lot of tent set up videos on Youtube.

Also: plan for some folding chairs. Your night outside won’t be spent only in the tent. String a few lights, get out the citronella candles, and you’re pretty much ready to go.

Lastly, just collect enough sleeping bags (or sheets and blankets, see ‘glamping’ below), an easy-to-put-up crib for any younger children and your kids’ favorite blankets and sleep items.

You don’t have to worry about snacks — your kitchen is just steps away. 

Want to Glamp It Up?

Tips for turning the relatively rustic style of camping into the glorious comfort of “glamping” takes a bit more work than pitching a tent if you want to do this at home. For some creative ideas on what goes into having a luxurious camping experience, we found a lot of ideas at the website of glamping holiday resorts. 

For example, our feature photo at the top of our blog is from Daylesford Holiday Park (Victoria Australia). And their website offers some great comfort amenities to get you thinking about what you could include in and around your tent.

Hudson Valley Luxury Camping

Hudson Valley Luxury Camping


Closer to home, the Collective Hudson Valley has some very sophisticated ideas for true glamping.

Their retreat at Liberty Farms is inspiring. Their setups may be a bit of work if you plan to only camp out for a night or two. But if you want to have your own summer-long glamp-site, their website is not to be missed for ideas.



However, if you want to upgrade a camping experience from just plain sleeping bags to something a bit more refined, Pinterest has a wealth of ideas for easy glamping. Here’s just one helpful post we foundt:


“Setting Up Camp ..With so many options available, finding a pop-up weatherproof tent has never been easier. Choose one that best meets your needs in terms of size and portability. This one from Ikea works well because it has a solid structure, movable drapes and is large enough to fit two cots.”

“Setting Up Camp
..With so many options available, finding a pop-up weatherproof tent has never been easier. Choose one that best meets your needs in terms of size and portability. This one from Ikea works well because it has a solid structure, movable drapes and is large enough to fit two cots.”


Here’s to summer on your deck!


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Caring for Your Deck

Last week our blog focused on a fun use of your deck or patio over July 4th. And after the holiday is over, we’ll highlight new ideas for cool ways to use your deck.  

But today our focus is on caring for your decks — especially if they will be getting a lot of use during the height of the outdoor season.



Deck Structure/Deck and Patio Fiberon Deck

Deck Structure/Deck and Patio Fiberon Deck


For expert advice on deck maintenance, we spoke with Edie Kello from Viance — the company that makes the preservatives for pressure-treated lumber commonly used for deck structures.




Question: What’s your advice on how to maintain a new wood deck.

Answer: “A deck is a special part of your outdoor living space that should last for years,” says Kello. “Keep it looking its best with the right deck cleaners, sealers and stains to enhance its long-term beauty.”


Mahogany Deck by Deck and Patio

Mahogany Deck by Deck and Patio

“For New Wood Decks,” she continues:

•Allow the wood 6-8 weeks to dry prior to applying any sealer or stain.

•Apply a high-quality oil or water-based finish with UV protection to slow down the process of the wood turning gray from exposure to the sun.

•Apply a water repellent sealer at least every two years.

•And always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for new and re-applications.

Deck Care

•To provide long term aesthetic appeal, maintain a deck that is dry and clean.

•Keep your deck free from dirt and debris.

•Liquid detergents, water and a stiff bristle brush will remove most mildew and dirt.

•For hard to clean wood surfaces, use a deck brightener containing Oxalic acid to retain the wood’s natural beauty.

•Always follow the manufacturer’s mixing and application instructions.

•Never use household chloride bleaches on decks as it can cause damage to the wood fibers and fasteners.

•Care should be taken if a pressure-washer is used for cleaning decks, as excessive pressure may cause damage to your deck’s surface.

•Make sure water can drain away from the deck and there is adequate ventilation so water can evaporate to lessen mold and mildew growth.

— Edie Kello, Viance Company



But what if your deck is a composite? Well, all decks benefit from a bit of care and cleaning — even durable capped composite decks. Depending on the type of composite you have, the cleaning materials may vary. So we thought the best thing is to go right to the manufacturer’s mouth, so to speak.


Popular Composite Decking

Deck and Patio Trex Pool Surround & Deck

Deck and Patio Trex Pool Surround & Deck



For details on maintaining Trex decking, check out the information on their different Trex products at their website.






Deck and Patio Fiberon Deck

Deck and Patio Fiberon Deck



Here’s how to care and maintain your Fiberon deck from the manufacturer’s website’s blog.







TimberTech Deck by Deck and Patio

TimberTech Deck by Deck and Patio



And as for TimberTech, you can download a PDF on how to care for your TimberTech Capped Composite Decking. 





Can I Fit a Full-Sized Pool on My Small Property?

Body Builder’s Favorite Jeans

Body Builder’s Favorite Jeans


Most of us have experienced something that just won’t fit. Be it an old pair of favorite jeans, or that comfy sofa that won’t squeeze into a new apartment.

And outside? Well, if your home is in Nassau County, Long Island, NY, there’s a good chance you live in a tightly packed community where there’s not much room for a lot of outdoor living amenities. The same is true for many parts of NY’s Suffolk County.

In addition, these New York communities can be bedeviled with strict town setback codes. So if you’re hankering for a full-sized swimming pool in parts of our neck of the woods, well, it might seem easier for a body builder to fit a pair of old comfy jeans over his massive new muscles.



Deck and Patio Project Showcase

Deck and Patio Project Showcase

Project Showcase: Long Island/NY

The backyard for this Long Island family wasn’t large. It sloped toward the house, and there was a bundle of challenging Town setback regulations. They felt a pool was out of the question.

However, the owners contacted Deck and Patio — initially just to change out their old deck for a new Trex Composite one. But after sharing their dreams for a pool with members of our team, they were thrilled to learn that it was more than possible. All that was needed was some creative ideas.

“One key to fitting the full-sized pool they wanted on this particular property,” says Deck and Patio owner Dave Stockwell, “was choosing a vinyl-lined pool. These pools can be built in just about any shape or angle, etc. This gave us great flexibility in designing it so it could conform to the contours of their yard.”

Another key element that Deck and Patio suggested was to take advantage of the property’s higher grade by abutting the pool against a new natural retaining wall of moss rock, plantings — along with a stream and waterfall that would splash into the new pool.

The final touch to the plan was a handsome Cambridge patio/pool surround.


Vinyl Freeform Pool/Nassau County, NY:

Vinyl Freeform Pool/Nassau County, NY:

The vinyl-lined pool allowed us great flexibility in the shape of the pool. It was designed to follow the curves of available property space. Note that the pool steps are also vinyl-lined so no scrapes or roughness on the feet when stepping in or out.


Cambridge Pool Patio/Nassau County, NY:

Cambridge Pool Patio/Nassau County, NY:

Note how the Cambridge pavers (from Cambridge’s Round Table pavingstones) were set down in a herringbone pattern. The pavers’ have embossed dimpled surfaces that roll into soft beveled edges on four sides.


Additional Cambridge Patio/Nassau County, NY:

Additional Cambridge Patio/Nassau County, NY:

The homeowners asked for a second patio nearer the house. It’s an ideal spot that is also where they have an outdoor kitchen complete with refrigerator and BBQ. Bluestone stepping stones and lush Deck and Patio landscaping completed the project.


Backyard Upgrades: 3 ‘Before’ and ‘After’ Projects

When homeowners want to upgrade their properties, sometimes it can be a challenge to imagine all the changes that will be required.

So today we’re showcasing three sets of before and after photos that showcase how a collaboration with a reputable design/build firm like Deck and Patio can end  up in an award-winning landscaping project.



  1. Centerport, Long Island, NY

These homeowners were both outdoor enthusiasts with a property that had a nice water view. Their wish list included: an attractive modern-looking deck from where they could best appreciate their view; a deck/railing that did not in any way obstruct the view; and a conveniently placed portable spa.

"Before" of Deck and Patio Project in Centerport

“Before” of Deck and Patio Project in Centerport

It was clear a two-story deck was needed. But we realized that the deck also needed to be large enough to allow designated areas for grilling, dining, lounging and hot tubbing. Plus, the railing would need special consideration.


"After" of Deck and Patio Project in Centerport

“After” of Deck and Patio Project in Centerport

An important choice for this Trex Deck project was the steel cable railing by Feeney does not obstruct the water views from any place on the deck. Deck and Patio built a custom spa “cradle” as a mount for their new hot tub. This positioned the spa so they could enjoy the views when inside the tub.


    2. Dix Hills, Long Island, NY

When this Dix Hills family decided to update their 1980”s backyard pool area they called on  Deck and Patio. They knew their old wood deck and red brick patios were small and unusable for parties and entertaining. But they couldn’t come up with a complete plan themselves to transform the space.

"Before" Deck and Patio Project in Dix Hills

“Before” Deck and Patio Project in Dix Hills

“We introduced a unique concept to deal with the large wall behind the pool, and small patio spaces,” says Dave Stockwell, owner of Deck and Patio. “The idea was to remove the wood retaining wall, re-grade the slope and create a large natural waterfall, stream, and woodland garden.”



"After" of Deck and Patio Dix Hills Project

“After” of Deck and Patio Dix Hills Project

Once the stream and waterfall was complete, the next step was pressing the boulders into the surrounding slope to continue the natural presence of large boulders. Then the landscape crew installed natural woodland planting to tie in with the tall oaks adding color and evergreen shrubs to ensure year-round color.

Once the slope was stabilized, it was time for the pool renovation. After draining the pool and removing the liner, a poorly built concrete block wall was uncovered where we straighten the wall and filled the block in with concrete and steal rebar for strength. New vinyl covered stairs were added, plus new pipes, returns, skimmers, pump, filter and a new liner.

Cambridge Sahara Chestnut pavers were used to create a dramatic pool/patio area.


    3. Brookville, Long Island, NY

When Deck and Patio first met with these clients to discuss a pool and patio upgrade — along with new fire pit and outdoor kitchen — we learned they also hankered for a spa to go with their existing gunite pool.


"Before" of Deck and Patio Brookville Project

“Before” of Deck and Patio Brookville Project

The project included a complete revamping of the pool’s pipes, interior, finish and the incorporation of new swim outs at the deep, as well as a new Tech-Bloc patio pool surround.

They also initially wanted wanted a custom in-ground gunite spa added to their existing gunite pool. Instead, they opted for Deck and Patio’s suggestion of a custom installation of a portable hot tub.


"After" of Deck and Patio Brookville Project

“After” of Deck and Patio Brookville Project

With the portable spa operating separately from the pool, it could be used when the pool was closed down.

“We installed it in a way that allowed them to get a perfect view of what’s going on in and around the pool when using the hot tub,” says Dave.

And the clients didn’t have to sacrifice any drama. “The complete upgrade included an encased portable spa with a waterfall flowing out of it into the existing pool. A privacy wall also faced in stone stands behind it, topped with a fire bowl and second waterfall to create a spectacular setting — day and night.”

The above projects won Deck and Patio awards both domestically and internationally.


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