Ponds, Waterfalls, Water Gardens & Rainwater Harvesting

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What is it about the sound of water that brings peace, rest, and solitude to the mind? The splashing sound of waterfalls, the beauty of water gardens, or the tranquility of ponds designed to enhance your landscape can create a pleasurable haven in your own backyard. Whatever you desire in the way of water features for your surroundings, the Deck and Patio Company can bring the soothing and calming effects of water to your landscape.

Ponds and pond-less water features also provide a means for Rainwater Harvesting, which creates beauty as well as saves water and our ecology.


The Pond and Water Features Portfolio Gallery below has ideas for improving your outdoor living experience.

Pond Aesthetics

“I have this great space in the back of my property for a pond…”

We cannot tell you how many times a client has come to us with the idea of putting a pond into the background. While the acoustics are soothing, the beauty is lost because the pond tends to be out of sight and out of mind. The designers at The Deck and Patio Company incorporate ponds into active space rather than just using it for space filler. Building a pond alongside and in maximum view of the home’s deck, patio, window or door, allows a deeper enjoyment in the beauty and interactive environment a pond can provide.

One of the most graceful elements to bring to your landscape is a pond and a waterfall integrated into your surroundings. The Deck and Patio Company is a certified dealer and installer of AQUASCAPE INC.™ water systems and can bring a low maintenance pond, stream and waterfall onto your property.

AQUASCAPE INC.™ has years of experience in designing and building water garden products that are both technologically and biologically efficient. As an authorized pond contractor and installer, Deck and Patio can provide high efficiency pumps, skimmers, biological filters for the garden ponds as well as gravel beds, elegant waterfalls and water plants as a part of a total biological system. Rainwater Harvesting systems can support beautiful water features, fountains and waterfalls, while ecologically collecting and reusing rainwater.

We also can provide pond maintenance and seasonal services.

The Deck and Patio Company, one of the leading Certified Aquascape Contractors (CAC) in the country, build spectacular ponds in the greater New York area. We were recently awarded the “Top Frog” trophy for outstanding designs and installations.

Bill Renter accepting the “Top Frog” trophy from the TV show Pond Stars

The Deck and Patio Company designed and installed a beautiful and functional rainwater harvesting pondless waterfall and garden at the Huntington Station railroad station.

The collected rainwater is recycled for the garden irrigation and to create a lovely waterfall to please all the passersby.

Rainwater is collected in the large area of permeable pavers that make up a major portion of the sidewalk in the area of the garden.

The collected rainwater is stored in a collection area under these pavers, and routed to the waterfall and irrigation system.