Celebrating Labor Day at Home: Just Add Water and Some Color

Getaways, by car or air, can be costly. Not to mention the crowds.


Labor Day Fun

Labor Day Fun


One way to not break the bank over the long Labor Day weekend is to simply enjoy it at home. Plant some colorful fall flowers, fire up the grill, string a few lights and set out the comfortable lounge furniture and chairs.





But a long weekend isn’t just one big bash. There’s plenty of time to relax outdoors and just enjoy the promised good weather we’re expecting.  And to give this experience just a little more zen — consider adding a bit of flowing water to your backyard scene.

For example, there’s one easy garden complement that makes any landscaped area transformative in how it delights the soul. Even small gardens become something wonderful when the sights and sounds of flowing water are added.

Those who know Deck and Patio for our larger pond/water feature installations (we’ve done over 300 on Long Island alone) may be surprised that we also specialize in smaller water features such as fountains.

Stacked Stone Urn fountain

Stacked Stone Urn fountain

This photo is one such garden fountain that we added for clients who had recently moved to a new home. (This fountain is also seen above as our feature photo) 

When working at their property, one of our team members mentioned that it felt like the garden was missing something — a feature that would offer both the sound and relaxing sight of water movement. 

The clients agreed that a garden fountain would be an ideal finishing touch in such limited space.


And here’s a 5-second video for you to hear the water music of that installation: 



DIY Fountain Projects

Deck and Patio can install a fountain for you. However, if you’d like to add one of these fountains on your own, all you need is a shovel, a wheelbarrow and a level. 

Then, adding a bag of decorative gravel and mulch, you have a picture-perfect-and-sound-perfect-fountain that not only you will enjoy but so will many of nature’s lovable wildlife.



Add Some Color

Add Some Color



So dress up your deck and comfortable seating areas with some flowers and the sounds of flowing water. Grill up something tasty — and avoid the crowds — and the costs.