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Paradise: An Oasis-style Pool with Portable Spa

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Pools and hot tubs may both be water features but they are not interchangeable.  One is for relaxing and letting tensions drain away and the other is for lively activity. Both are wonderful elements in any backyard oasis.

The project we’re highlighting today was for a family who originally contacted us for a pool with waterfall, quality patio and a “spillover spa.” 

Portable Spa (Left) with Waterfall Below

Portable Spa (Left) with Waterfall Below

“Custom in-ground spas, especially spillovers,” says Dave Stockwell, “are usually connected to the pool’s functions. So when the pool is shut down  — usually by late September here on Long Island — the spa gets shut down, too.

“Our idea was rather than build the usual pool-connecting cement spa, to install a portable hot in a way that looked built in — and with a waterfall just below it.”

After the clients realized that with the portable spa they’d also get superb hydrotherapy benefits, they agreed that this was an ideal way to give them all they wanted.

Plus, while in the pool — and from many parts of the patio — this additional waterfall appears as if the water’s coming out from the spa — or that it’s a spillover hot tub.


Completed Oasis-style Pool and Spa Project

The completed backyard retreat includes a free-form pool that is surrounded by plant material that was chosen for color and texture — with a view on how it will grow. 

“We wanted to ensure that their backyard will be a lovely oasis for a long time to come,” says Dave.


In-Ground Vinyl Pool Retreat:

In-Ground Vinyl Pool Retreat:

Amenities abound in this backyard retreat: beautiful free-form vinyl pool, moss rock waterfalls, diving rock, tanning shelf, Wild Ride slide, portable spa set in-ground, robust plantings, and handsome Cambridge Ledgestone patio.

“Even during seasons when the pool is closed, there’s lots of long-blooming plants and green ground cover to brighten the area so the view from the hot tub remains very pleasant for most of the year.”


Spill Over Spa:

Spill Over Spa:

Deck and Patio set the portable spa all the way into the ground with boulders and plantings around it — and added a moss rock waterfall just beneath that splashes into the pool.


Moss Rock Waterfall:

Moss Rock Waterfall:

Next to the Wild Ride slide that also spills water into the pool, we installed a moss rock waterfall that flows with force over an extended rock. The free-form vinyl pool was designed with an expansive tanning shelf that boasts room for two large S-shaped recliners. Having no legs, the recliners sit right in the water for a comfortable way to keep cool and sunbathe at the same time.


Cambridge Paver Patio:

Cambridge Paver Patio:

The handsome patio/pool surround is made with durable Cambridge Ledgestone XL “Toffee Onyx Light” pavers (Sherwood Collection). These pavers come in 3-piece design kits for a beautiful random design.


Deck and Patio Award’s Photo

Deck and Patio Award’s Photo

APSP Bronze Award): To provide the look the clients wanted – a custom spillover spa — along with year-round use, we built the portable hot tub all the way into the ground with boulders and plantings around it. Bluestone stepping stones allow for more softscape to be seen.



Four Vinyl-Lined Pools We Love

Deck and Patio’s outdoor living expert, Bill Renter, designs and builds gunite pools, in addition to vinyl. However, he finds that many of his clients prefer the padded, smooth, soft feel of vinyl. And because advanced computerization of liner fabrications allow us to construct them in any shape, curve, or angle, there’s freedom in giving clients exactly what they want.

With such flexibility in pool design, homeowners are also not stuck with unattractive white interior stairs that do not blend with the rest of the pool, nor do they sacrifice a smooth bottom for the swimmers’ feet.

Of course, the base construction of a vinyl pool is much the same as any other. Vinyl simply means the method used to line a pool’s interior. These liners come in a large variety of colors, which can react with the water to create a romantic “grotto” or “lagoon’ effect, so popular today. Plus, the concrete walls of vinyl-lined pools have a lifetime guarantee.

Bill and his design team always begin by asking clients about their plans for a pool, their lifestyles and their children’s needs, then come up with a unique concept to fulfill every desire. Using CAD drawings, digital imaging and a 3D animation video on a flat screen television, we show clients how the pool will look with the existing home and environment.

These four projects are good examples of the flexibility and beauty of vinyl.


Backyard Sanctuary:

Backyard Sanctuary:

This serene backyard sanctuary gives no hint of high-tech energy efficient components supporting it all. The sounds of waterfalls, streams and sprays add tranquility to backyard retreat. Biggest challenge to project was creating four-inch ledge around pool which secures closed pool cover.




Vanishing Edge Pools:

Vanishing Edge Pools:

The challenges for this ‘vanishing edge’ pool project included creating a vinyl-liner pool with 5 bar stools, complicated tri-level floor, 3 staircases, in-floor cleaning, vinyl spillover spa, and vinyl-lined catch pool. The success of accomplishing all this was sweet, indeed.




Cambridge Pavingstones:

Cambridge Pavingstones:

We surrounded this vinyl-lined pool and spill-over spa in handsome Cambridge Pavingstones, with artful cut-outs for plantings. The beautiful hue of the pool water caused by its vinyl liner, set against the pavers, with a huge backdrop of lush green grass create a very special setting.




Destination Pools:

Destination Pools:

Because of the topography, the pool had to be located far from the house, down a steep grade. Deck and Patio’s vision included adding beautiful creeping ground cover and boulders, so that even the property’s challenging raised grades were turned into benefits.





What’s “Cool” in Pools

Deck and Patio’s Shares 8 Trendy Pool Amenities


Award-winning vinyl pool by Deck and Patio showcases lots of what’s ‘cool’ in pools

  1. – Vinyl Pool Liners

The Deck and Patio Company designs and builds gunite (concrete), in addition to vinyl-lined pools. However, many of our clients prefer the padded, smooth, soft feel of vinyl, such as seen above.

In fact, according to reports, there are now more vinyl pools worldwide than any other combined group.

Of course, the base construction of a vinyl pool is the same as any other. “Vinyl” simply means the method used to line a pool’s interior. These liners come in a large variety of colors, which can react with the water to create the romantic “grotto” or “lagoon” effect so desirable today. For all these reasons, we feel we have to put vinyl’s soft cushion-y feel as #1 in what’s “cool” — especially since vinyl pools, designed and built by Deck and Patio Company, have become award winners.



2. & 3. – Custom Raised Spa and Heated Waterfalls

If enjoying a heated waterfall spilling its therapy into a custom raised spa isn’t at the top of desirable pool amenities (pictured above), it may be time to fold our deck chairs and go inside. Imagine! You are seated in just such a spa; the pulsations from a raised heated waterfall are massaging your neck and shoulders, while you lean back in swirling warm water and delightful air bubbles. Add to all this hydrotherapy that there is a picturesque, natural look to it all — the result is you feel as if you are in a small lagoon, created by Mother Nature, in a distant south sea isle. Yup. It’s way up on the “cool” list.


Embedded Umbrellas


4.  Flexible Shade

Embedded umbrellas, and the flexible shade opportunities they provide, are also at the top of Deck and Patio’s favorite things. Positioned 9 feet apart, when open, they provide a bank of shade, perhaps 27 to 36 feet long, as pictured above. The umbrellas are a great substitute for pergolas; they are more flexible than such fixed shade amenities because various umbrellas can be open and closed at the same time. All open, and you have a perfect area to place a buffet lunch or relax in full shade; partially closed, and those who want shade can lounge next to those who want sun.


Tanning Shelf from Deck and Patio


5. Tanning Shelves and Custom Steps

Also called “sun shelves”

Tanning shelves (photo above) are a cool way to stay cool when you want to lay out in the sun, says Deck and Patio’s outdoor living expert.

These shelves are set in several inches of water and are wide enough for parents to sun bathe while young children play beside them. Tanning shelves (photo above) are a cool way to stay cool when you want to lay out in the sun, says Deck and Patio’s outdoor living expert.

Custom steps are additional cool amenities which make moving in and out of the pool natural and comfortable.




6. Bar Stools and Swim Up Bars

Building a vinyl pool requires precise measurements, so plan ahead for such cool extras as tanning shelves, bar stools and swim up bars (see above). Note: Deck and Patio installs a quarter-inch padding between any vinyl liner and the concrete. This is what gives steps, walls, and other amenities their cushion-y feel.




7. Natural Stone Paths

We have to thank the Japanese Tea Ceremony and that country’s love of simplicity and natural beauty for our #7  “cool pool” landscaping idea — the stepping stone path.  Breaking up expansive pool surrounds with a natural stone path allows for “softscape” in between stones to show through, as well as creating a focus to particular directions. They are also great do-it-yourself projects. Just remember: they are best laid down on flat areas around your pool. Wet stepping stones can be dangerous on slopping areas.



8.  Natural Gas Campfires

Deck and Patio help create romantic outdoor mood with addition of bonfire-style fire pits.

You can almost hear the beating of steel drums when your “lagoon” pool has a bonfire-style fire pit — or several — lighting its surround at night (below). This style takes the fire pit from a simple campfire to a piece of art.



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