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Backyard Retreat/Project Showcase: Making “the Impossible” Possible



This serene backyard sanctuary gives no hint of high-tech energy-efficient components supporting it all.

For many, it might have been enough to design and build a new backyard retreat  – when the plans included a new in-ground vinyl-lined pool, large patio area, outdoor kitchen, outdoor shower, fire pit, two streams and two waterfalls. However, add in an automatic pool cover that is very difficult to attach to the desired pool style and shape, and making the clients completely happy becomes quite a challenge. In fact, before they came to us, the homeowners of this backyard oasis had been told what they wanted wasn’t possible. We were glad to assure them that we could bring together all the expertise necessary and design and build it all.

The clients also asked that we incorporate high-efficiency technology throughout the project, with all the mechanics of it well hidden in beautiful settings. This particular request fit right into our wheelhouse. Incorporating the latest technology, beautifully hidden in natural surroundings, is one of our trademarks.




Outdoor shower stands at base of stepping stone pathway (right) that leads up to pool equipment.


High-tech pool equipment is well hidden behind berm, at end of stepping stone path.

Automated Pool Cover

The homeowners had chosen a free-form vinyl pool for its padding and softness, as well as for its beauty. The challenging part was they also wanted an automatic pool cover that, when closed, would support their young children should they somehow walk on it unsupervised. This particular ‘rigid slated plastic’ pool cover, however, had never been fitted to this type of pool in this part of the world before.

Challenge: Free-form vinyl pools need to match a vinyl covering to a concrete foundation. In order to secure what is otherwise a “floating” pool cover, measurements for a special pool edge to grip the cover must be exact, requiring several manufacturers’ construction efforts to fit perfectly. We work with only the best companies, whose measurements, and computerization follow-through, are flawless.




Rigid-slated plastic pool cover, shown here closed, is automated and can support weight of two adults and one child.




Our biggest challenge was creating four-inch ledge around pool which secures closed pool cover.




Because automated pool cover is so easy to use, it is more likely to be closed when not in use — increasing safety and energy-efficiency.

The pool cover is not just for safety. Closing it on a regular basis reduces the amount of energy needed to maintain the pool. We worked with the owners to find energy-efficient solutions for the whole project. There are many ways to increase efficiency:

Pool Covers, Heating Pumps

Pool covers reduce the evaporation of water thereby reducing the chemical usage required. This is because the chemicals do not evaporate or burn off. To heat the pool mentioned in this story, we added a hybrid system that uses both a gas heater and an electric heat pump. The heat pump acts like a reverse air conditioner, pulling in warmth from the air and transferring it into the pool. This design not only adds heat taken from the air — and not from electricity — but the gas heater can act as back up when the air temperature is very low or when creating heat more quickly is required.

Swimming Pool Pumps

The “variable speed pump” is an extremely efficient pump that allows low energy use by slowing down the motor dramatically. It decreases the amount of energy the pump uses. It can run twenty-four-seven much more efficiently than others pumps that are used only a few hours a day.


Today a computer can be programmed to raise and lower the speed of the pump, controlling when it turns on and off. It will also monitor the chemical levels in the pool and decrease or increase them as required.


The water in a pool is often around 85 or 90 degrees, while the surrounding soil is considerably cooler. Adding insulation around the outside of the pool wall, as we did for this project, creates a thermal break between the warm water and the soil that really saves energy by helping the pool water to retain its warmth.




The gentle sounds of two streams leading to two separate waterfalls, as well as the splash of jet sprays, screen out any sounds from high-tech pool equipment, says Deck and Patio outdoor living expert.



Deck and Patio designed and built the streams and waterfalls (left) to flow through berm with moss rock; outdoor kitchen includes ample work area, barbecue, sink, refrigerator and eating bar with bar stools.



What’s “Cool” in Pools

Deck and Patio’s Shares 8 Trendy Pool Amenities


Award-winning vinyl pool by Deck and Patio showcases lots of what’s ‘cool’ in pools

  1. – Vinyl Pool Liners

The Deck and Patio Company designs and builds gunite (concrete), in addition to vinyl-lined pools. However, many of our clients prefer the padded, smooth, soft feel of vinyl, such as seen above.

In fact, according to reports, there are now more vinyl pools worldwide than any other combined group.

Of course, the base construction of a vinyl pool is the same as any other. “Vinyl” simply means the method used to line a pool’s interior. These liners come in a large variety of colors, which can react with the water to create the romantic “grotto” or “lagoon” effect so desirable today. For all these reasons, we feel we have to put vinyl’s soft cushion-y feel as #1 in what’s “cool” — especially since vinyl pools, designed and built by Deck and Patio Company, have become award winners.



2. & 3. – Custom Raised Spa and Heated Waterfalls

If enjoying a heated waterfall spilling its therapy into a custom raised spa isn’t at the top of desirable pool amenities (pictured above), it may be time to fold our deck chairs and go inside. Imagine! You are seated in just such a spa; the pulsations from a raised heated waterfall are massaging your neck and shoulders, while you lean back in swirling warm water and delightful air bubbles. Add to all this hydrotherapy that there is a picturesque, natural look to it all — the result is you feel as if you are in a small lagoon, created by Mother Nature, in a distant south sea isle. Yup. It’s way up on the “cool” list.


Embedded Umbrellas


4.  Flexible Shade

Embedded umbrellas, and the flexible shade opportunities they provide, are also at the top of Deck and Patio’s favorite things. Positioned 9 feet apart, when open, they provide a bank of shade, perhaps 27 to 36 feet long, as pictured above. The umbrellas are a great substitute for pergolas; they are more flexible than such fixed shade amenities because various umbrellas can be open and closed at the same time. All open, and you have a perfect area to place a buffet lunch or relax in full shade; partially closed, and those who want shade can lounge next to those who want sun.


Tanning Shelf from Deck and Patio


5. Tanning Shelves and Custom Steps

Also called “sun shelves”

Tanning shelves (photo above) are a cool way to stay cool when you want to lay out in the sun, says Deck and Patio’s outdoor living expert.

These shelves are set in several inches of water and are wide enough for parents to sun bathe while young children play beside them. Tanning shelves (photo above) are a cool way to stay cool when you want to lay out in the sun, says Deck and Patio’s outdoor living expert.

Custom steps are additional cool amenities which make moving in and out of the pool natural and comfortable.




6. Bar Stools and Swim Up Bars

Building a vinyl pool requires precise measurements, so plan ahead for such cool extras as tanning shelves, bar stools and swim up bars (see above). Note: Deck and Patio installs a quarter-inch padding between any vinyl liner and the concrete. This is what gives steps, walls, and other amenities their cushion-y feel.




7. Natural Stone Paths

We have to thank the Japanese Tea Ceremony and that country’s love of simplicity and natural beauty for our #7  “cool pool” landscaping idea — the stepping stone path.  Breaking up expansive pool surrounds with a natural stone path allows for “softscape” in between stones to show through, as well as creating a focus to particular directions. They are also great do-it-yourself projects. Just remember: they are best laid down on flat areas around your pool. Wet stepping stones can be dangerous on slopping areas.



8.  Natural Gas Campfires

Deck and Patio help create romantic outdoor mood with addition of bonfire-style fire pits.

You can almost hear the beating of steel drums when your “lagoon” pool has a bonfire-style fire pit — or several — lighting its surround at night (below). This style takes the fire pit from a simple campfire to a piece of art.



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