Looking for an elegant splash or a spray of whimsy in your garden? Passionate about the sound of bubbling water but don’t have the budget or space for a large waterfall or pond? If that’s the case, an attractive water fountain might be the answer.

Those who know Deck and Patio for our larger pond/water feature installations (we’ve done over 300 on Long Island alone) might be surprised at one of our most recent jobs: an attractive garden water fountain that took up hardly any space.

It was done for clients who had recently moved to a new home. When working at their property, one of our team members, Marc Wiener, mentioned that it felt like the garden was missing something — a feature that would offer both the sound and relaxing sight of water movement. The clients agreed that a garden fountain would be an ideal finishing touch in such limited space.

In this case, they asked us to order and install the fountain. However, fountainscapes make a very easy DIY project. The ‘stacked stone urn’ fountain seen here is from Aquascape Inc. (St. Charles, IL). As a certified Aquascape Inc. contractor, Deck and Patio has used their products in many of the ponds and water features we have designed/built across Long Island. As for their fountains, Aquascape offers a nice variety in various styles, sizes and prices.

If you’d like to add one on your own, all you need is a shovel, a wheelbarrow and a level. Then, adding a bag of decorative gravel and mulch, you have a picture-perfect-and-sound-perfect-fountain that not only you will enjoy, but butterflies and birds will appreciate your efforts as well.

The first two photos and first video show the fountain we installed for our new clients. Below these, we include a DIY video from Aquascape followed by a link to the various fountains they have available.


Aquascape Inc. Garden Fountain:

Aquascape Inc. Garden Fountain:

Although we installed this “stacked stone urn” fountain for the clients, they are easy DIY projects. The kits come pretty well fabricated with a catch basin, pump, piping, and in different sizes. The one we used is the smallest (32” tall) — a perfect scale for this garden.


Garden Fountains:

Garden Fountains:

When adding a garden fountain, it is a good idea to locate it near your patio/deck so you can enjoy it whenever you are outside. And if you can position it close to a window, you will be able to not only enjoy the fountain indoors, but also the birds and butterflies who stop by to take a drink.


Hear the water music! 5-second Deck and Patio video of stacked stone urn fountain:


Aquascape has made a great DIY video for installing their fountains:


You can see some of Aquascape’s different fountains available at:

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