Clients frequently turn to us to give the new portable spa they’ve purchased a custom installation. “And now, they won’t have to search around to purchase the hot tub separately” says Deck and Patio’s Parker Lippolt. “They can get a new PDC spa directly from us.”

As an authorized dealer of PDC Spas, Deck and Patio can provide the whole gamut of services to our clients — from an at home consultation, the installation, landscaping — and maintenance of the spa.

“A spa can be a great element for truly enjoyable outdoor living,” adds Parker. “And for those who don’t have enough space for a pool, they find they can always fit in a hot tub. Even when they also have a pool, which is only open for part of the year, their separately operating portable hot tub can run 12 months.”

About PDC Spas

PDC Spas are custom-built in the United States and provide exceptional comfort, performance, energy efficiency and longevity.

“They have targeted massage jets that ease stress and soothe aches and pains,” says Parker. “And they are a great way to spend time with family and friends.”

PDC, with three unique collections, provides a 35-year warranty and according to the manufacturer their hot tubs exceed energy standards by 33%. They are ideal installed both indoors and outdoors.


Indoor/Outdoor PDC Spas:

Indoor/Outdoor PDC Spas:

Many PDC models are small enough to fit through most doorways and can even be plugged into standard outlets.


Custom Installations

While all anyone needs is a patch of firm ground or sturdy inside flooring to hold a hot tub, many Deck and Patio clients appreciate having our expertise in creating a beautiful custom installation, such as in their deck, on their patio.  

Deck and Patio Custom Hot Tub Installation

Deck and Patio Custom Hot Tub Installation

For example, one of our local backyard upgrade projects consisted of a hot tub set alongside a water feature.

The water feature consisted of a “pond-less” waterfall and stream — and, of course, the water feature was positioned strategically so as to be viewed from both the home’s main kitchen window, their new two-level patio, and the hot tub.

The stream and waterfalls flow next to the clients’ spa — adding another layer of relaxation to the spa experience.


Deck and Patio

What is so unique about Deck and Patio is that we are not just a hot tub distributor, but a full service design and build firm.  

Hot Tub Patio by Deck and Patio

Hot Tub Patio by Deck and Patio

“We will take on any project, from installing a new spa, adding a landscaped “spa surround”, to incorporating a deck and patio and furnishing the yard with a pergola, outdoor kitchen, accessories, and beautiful landscaping,” says Parker.

“Whatever the job calls for, we can handle it from the ground up. Portable spas are a nice focal point in a yard, and can do so much to enhance the look of an area.”