Patios – Natural Stone and Brick Pavers

Outdoor Kitchen on Lower Patio

The Deck and Patio Company can enhance the look of both the front and back of your residence through the use of brick, natural stone, pavers and other landscaping materials. Brickwork and stonework have adopted new trends over the last few years. In fact, The Deck and Patio has earned many HNA awards from the “Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute”. These awards signify the superior design ability and competence of installation by Deck and Patio’s team of construction experts.

When you visit our design center, you can see actual sample patios using a wide variety of patio materials – natural stone and brick pavers of all varieties, textures and colors. We will help you select the right type for your installation, based on the design of the project, the surroundings and landscaping.

Additional detailed information about the types of patio materials and our construction techniques can be seen below the gallery – simply press the “Read More” button.

We invite you to look through the Patio Portfolio Gallery below.

Visit Our Design Center

Come see our outdoor display of a wide variety of patio materials, colors and styles. Our Outdoor Living Experts will be happy to explain the benefits of the different materials and construction techniques available, and show them to you. This is the best way to get the information that you need to start your outdoor living project.

Lifetime Warranty

Deck and Patio Company offers a Lifetime Warranty on our Premium installation option for those homeowner would rather build it once and build it right. The way we build it is simple. We use time test, engineer approved construction methods that allow our work to last a lifetime. The Deck and Patio Company can enhance the look of both the front and back of your residence through the use of brick, natural stone, pavers and other landscaping materials. Brickwork and stonework have adopted new trends over the last few years. In fact, The Deck and Patio has earned 7 national awards from the “Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute”. These awards signify the superior design ability and competence of installation by Deck and Patio’s team of construction experts.

Our abilities to use the proper materials for the effect intended, comes from knowledge gained over the years. This experience also earned us certification with the ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute). We currently have 3 ICPI certified builders on staff. Using the proper color and shading of brick and stone to complement your residence are important considerations. We also take the texture and shape of the materials into account so they provide a natural look in their setting.

From walkways to patios built into their natural surroundings, we work with the site and nature’s intent. Our construction looks like it belongs there. Whether your taste calls for the a natural stone texture like Cambridge Ledgestone XL or the innovative shapes and styles of Techo-Bloc’s product line, The Deck and Patio can create a design to suit your taste palette.

Driveways are being replaced by paving stone construction giving a warm, inviting look. They provide a look of class and distinction to your home. They are durable and long lasting because they are made of high quality materials. We choose the best materials since the cost differences are so small.

We use paving stones like Techo-Bloc, Belgard and Cambridge to capture the natural look without the problems such as heat retention and deterioration during the freeze and thaw conditions. Techo-Bloc, Belgard and Cambridge come in matching components including pavers, walls, caps, steps and risers which allows for the ability of tying large areas into the color and design scheme.

All of our patios can be laid out in a variety of arrangements such as “random” which incorporates multiple paver sizes configured in a pattern. Elegant accents are created through the use of interesting borders and inlays. In addition to the durability of our installation, it’s beauty will be unsurpassed through the use of a blend of stone colors, which can help convey the attractive look you seek.

Swimming Pool Tanning Shelf 

The use of capstone for pool coping and steps convey a natural look and the colors of Techo-Bloc and Cambridge, blend beautifully with our natural moss rock boulders and landscaping. In order to maintain that beauty, we apply stabilizer sand to the joints, which prevents weeds and grass seeds from sprouting up through the surface. If you are looking for something other than paving stones, we also offer a variety of natural stone such as bluestone patios, which are installed in a manner similar to pavers. We lay the bluestone over crushed stone with stabilized joints allowing for easy repairs without the “replaced” or “patched up” look because we do not use traditional mortar. Our building techniques and designs are so efficient and attractive that photographs of our installations were chosen for the pages of the Cambridge and Techo-Bloc distribution brochures.

Fast Track Paver Installations

In the swimming pool world there is a myth that you must wait 3 – 12 months for the soil to settle around a pool and then safely install a patio around that swimming pool. This will not happen! Our engineers have confirmed that soil takes 50 years for soil to completely self compact. Most contractor either ignore this reality or try to bridge this settling soil with poured concrete. Neither method works (see photo->).  Our FAST TRACK POOL INSTALLATION allows our artisans to lay your patio immediately after their pool has been installed without the possibility of settling occurring. The Deck and Patio Company uses a time tested method approved by our engineers to compact the soil around the pool in layers (lifts) to eliminate the ”fluff” in the soil and allow our patios to be built immediately rather wait months or years or risk patio failure at the pool.

Lifetime Installation

We take lifetime installation very seriously, and the materials and methods do cost more. The result, however, is an installation that is trouble free and beautiful  for a lifetime. Once the sub base has been properly compacted, our prep crew starts the most important part of our installation…the base preparation. We use PURE recycled concrete aggregate which cost much more but compacts and consolidates much more. Other low cost installers use low quality RCA (recycled construction aggregate) which consists of crushed dirt, asphalt, brick, tile, glass,concrete, and other unknown contaminants and use only 4- 5 inches of this low quality base. The high quality base used exclusively by the Deck and Patio Company gives the patio the strength and durability that allows a lifetime guarantee. Next step is the C-33 coarse angular sand bedding course that the pavers rest on. Additionally once our pavers are installed we install polymer sand in the joint of the pavers to reduce water infiltration, reduce or eliminate weed and grass from growing in the joints and help reduce the possibility of ants from tunneling through the sand. The last step is our robust concrete edge restraint, which is poured in place with a #3 rebar embedded to eliminate the possibility of edge creep or failure. These processes as a group allow us to insure you installation will last a lifetime

Recommended Products

We only recommend paver brands that stand behind their products. We recommend:

Cambridge Pavers  because of their Armor-Tec finish. Cambridge in know for high quality, great support from the company, lower cost, unique colorful stone textures, and interesting patterns

Techo Bloc because of their realistic matching natural stone colors. Techo Bloc is known to us as one of the first companies to make matching materials in all of their patios, walls, steps, and accessories. They have been trend setters and continue to push the envelope by introducing new emerging produces that meet new interests. Their current products are not only natural looking material, but modern, contemporary, traditional and rustic. Techo Bloc has pavers that have a wood texture to them and interesting ideas for mosaics, borders and inlays. Techo Bloc is also know for their many permeable paver options including inflo made to be a cost effective solution for parking lots and large paved areas.

Belgard is one of the larger paver manufacturers with plants across the country. They are known for unique paving and wall products. We like a several of their products including their natural looking stone pattern called Mega Arbel, and their wide range or permeable pavement.

Unilock is one of the first concrete pavers our company ever installed. This company has it’s roots in Canada and has been a major supplier for a long time. Unilock is known for it’s unique architectural pavers with interesting textures, and shape that are not like any other. There are many modern and contemporary applications that we use these pavers for.

Permeable Pavers Are More Than Just A Paver

Innovative products like Permeable Pavers offer the designed outdoor space you want, with the added benefit of water management.

Permeable interlocking concrete pavers (PICP) are installed with layers of varying-sized stone or aggregate underneath, that filter and direct storm water to underground aquifers. Permeable paving mimics the way natural land absorbs water. Which means any rain that falls on your patio, walkway or driveway seeps back into the ground or the nearest storm drain.

The surface of Permeable pavers can be made perfectly flat, with the underlying stone reservoir being contoured to direct water wherever it needs to go. In fact, with a few added design features, the system can be used for water harvesting, with water being usable for irrigation or washing your car.

Benefits to homeowners

  • Reduce water demand by paving over grassed areas
  • Aid landscaping by reducing erosion that occurs when grass is dry or dead
  • Eliminate standing water where mosquitoes can breed
  • Lasts much longer than conventional paved surfaces

Benefits to communities

  • Filter water back underground to recharge local groundwater supplies
  • Maintain base flows in rivers to keep ecosystems self sustaining
  • Minimize heat island effect when using highly reflective, light-colored pavers
  • Reduce water use for landscaping

Permeable Pavers and the RainXchange™ System can be used underneath permeable pavers as a means of capturing storm water. A liner membrane beneath the permeable pavers collects the water and directs it towards the storage basin. Water features can be incorporated directly on top of the permeable pavers providing a truly unique design element