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4 Quality Ideas for Pool & Spa Surroundings

We love our backyards and spend as much time sitting around the pool or spa as swimming or relaxing in them. It’s the ideal space for entertaining, sunbathing, talking and eating. Therefore, making the right choice for a pool or spa surrounding will definitely increase the comfort, tranquility and enjoyment of the outdoor experience.

Here are 4 examples of quality pool and spa surrounding options that we have used for our clients. We designed and built these (and all our projects) with function, beauty, and durability in mind.




1. For this very special pool and spa surround, we chose a composite decking that has a wood grain appearance. Actually made from plastic and wood, the eye tricks you into thinking you are looking at solid wood. With some exceptions (see “2.” below), composite decking, with its protective shell, is unrivaled for being fade, stain, scratch and mold resistant. The “Gravel Path” color used here enhances this wood grain appearance and earth tones. Tip: Whenever possible, you want a deck to go all the way around a pool as seen here.




2. We used a durable Brazilian Walnut hardwood here. This all natural wood offers a warm choice for pools and spas due to ease of construction and is a particularly smart choice for the above-ground pool or spa. If handled properly, it can make a relatively inexpensive above-ground water feature, such as this spa, look like an in-ground pool. This particular natural wood is very strong and hard and durable and resists splintering, termites, wear, rot, fire, chemicals and marine borers — and almost every other threat imaginable. And because it is all natural wood, it is recyclable at the end of what is sure to be a long service life.






3. We used concrete pavers for this pool and spa surround which offers a durable, interlocking concrete pavement alternative to asphalt and poured concrete. Extremely durable and beautiful, these pavers won’t show signs of color loss or fading over time, and have blemish-free surfaces. We used a “Toffee Onyx” color in a random pattern to create the natural rustic appearance.




4. We designed and built this lovely natural stone pool surround. The limestone has gone through a “brushing” process to obtain the warm and antique look seen here. It comes in tiles with hand-chiseled (chipped) edges with an antiqued and unfilled surface. Valued for its banded, pitted “distressed” appearance, it adds rich, distinctive character stemming from the way the limestone is formed: being deposited at the mouth of mineral springs and in caves. For this pool surround, we added a stone ledge, which together with the limestone suggests a romantic Roman bath.



Which Type of Pond Works Best For Your Yard?

We feel pretty much any yard can accommodate a pond water feature. Whether you have an expansive lawn or what you jokingly call a backyard postage-stamp, this type of water feature can range from a modest koi pond to one with a glorious vanishing edge.

So prepare to open up your outdoor chaise lounge, pour yourself something cool, and take in some gentle sounds and beauty along with that cool drink.




As design and build experts, we always advise installing your pond where you can enjoy it from a deck, patio, bedroom, or kitchen. It’s important to note that not just humans appreciate a pond water feature. In addition to the family pooch being endlessly fascinated, birds and butterflies will be attracted. Birds, in particular, love gently moving water.

Just provide a place for them to land, such as rock platforms, or design a shallow end as part of the feature. And by keeping the water circulating, this will also help prevent mosquito larvae from hatching.




We used stepping stones as a way to cross this pond. Stones provide a more natural aged look and create an exhilarating way to go from one spot to another.

In addition to increasing the natural appearance of the pond, stabilizing boulders and creeping plant material helped reduce the need for a costly retaining wall.




A helpful tip: Because ponds do not have too much water action, water lilies are ideal plants. Not only do they produce fragrant flowers that are beautiful to look at, they add shade which helps keep the water temperature down during the heat of summer.

This also reduces algae growth and when koi or other fish are present, water lilies provide great shelter for the fish and help keep the water clear and clean-looking.




We tucked a pond and waterfall into the corner of the driveway for these clients. By adding beautiful creeping ground cover and boulders, even the property’s challenging raised grades were turned into benefits.

Also, by installing enough retaining boulders and plant materials, we coaxed Mother Nature’s own gravity into pumping water naturally into a pond.




Here, we were brought in to create an extraordinary outdoor oasis with several water features. One part of the project was to restore an existing 40-foot koi pond which we did by expanding it and giving it a face lift.

It now includes a waterfall, bridge, moss rock cave, a Savio Pond Skimmer and Aquascape Biofalls. The entire plan includes a vanishing edge pool, restored and expanded koi pond, 3,000 square feet of Techo Bloc tumbled stone patio, two natural gas campfires, and large evergreen trees that flank the left and right side for privacy.




We think ponds can reach their zenith when given a vanishing edge. Although these are more commonly done for pools, if local regulations limit the addition of a pool, a pond might be the answer.

That was the case for this multi-part water feature which captures in its stillness the glorious sunsets over Long Island Sound and appears to connect right out to the Sound. The project includes a stream, waterfalls, and second lower pond. Under the feature’s beauty, an extremely high tech and complex natural biological filtration system is continuously maintaining the feature’s crystal clear water.



Can Even a Deck Railing Reflect Your Personality?

“Definitely!” says Long Island deck builders, The Deck and Patio Company

The Deck and Patio’s outdoor expert believes that even the humble deck railing can help showcase one’s personality. This is because, other than the specifications required in local building codes, there are few rules or requirements in choosing a railing.

For example, a deck railing by no means has to match the deck. It just needs to coordinate with it. With all the different options available: baluster and post sizes, shapes, materials, and colors — and the freedom to mix and match — a railing is an easy way to express oneself. And when we do that? We’re rarely unhappy with the results.

So homeowners might ask themselves: Are we people who cherish privacy? Or, are we nature enthusiasts who want the maximum view possible? Or, perhaps, are we traditional in our tastes. Yet, again, maybe, we prefer a bit of whimsy and like to let loose a little?






Long Island deck builders, The Deck and Patio Company, helped these clients (see two photos above) add sophisticated drama by framing deck with TimberTech’s “Radiance Rail” railing.

To give the sophisticated drama that best expressed their clients, Deck and Patio installed TimberTech’s “Radiance Rail.” Radiance Rail provides the ability to mix and match posts and balusters, and also offers a range of post caps. The ideal choice for these clients was a cap fitted with TimberTech’s recessed DeckLites. This extra outdoor deck lighting not only offered more nighttime safety but provided it in an understated style — perfect for these homeowners.



In this case, lovely outdoor views were of primary concern to clients who are avid outdoor enthusiasts. Acting first as deck builders, Deck and Patio installed a two- story raised deck. And, as is often the case when building a deck, the homeowners also requested a spa. Deck and Patio helped the clients choose the ideal encasement for a new Bullfrog Spa that coordinated nicely with the deck planks and also integrated the spa harmoniously into the deck.

When it came to the deck railing, after all that had been accomplished, it was important that, when the clients sat on their new deck deck or relaxed in the hot tub, the railing infill would not spoil the exquisite views. To accomplish this, infills by “CableRail by Feeney” were chosen because these infills are almost unnoticeable.






Trex Railing with black metal balusters was chosen by Deck and Patio for this installation because they hold up so well to the elements.

For this final set of clients, who live at a rivers edge, their extraordinary view was so expansive, there was little concern that a railing would obstruct the view. However, these clients, who can step from their deck onto a private dock, functionality and durability were key. Long Island deck builders, Deck and Patio, installed for them a

handsome Trex Composite Railing with black metal balusters that offered more than waterside security. These railings offer protection from UV rays and will stand against damage from insects, water, or sun.

Note: because the top rail (cap) of a railing is usually selected separately from the infill and posts, the cap presents special opportunity to be creative. You can go wild with color choices, materials and styles, Here’s a tip: Pick a wide top rail if you are a passionate gardener or you love to entertain. With a wider cap, you can easily rest small planters or drinks.



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Cambridge Ledgestone Design Kits: Foundation for your dreams

At Deck and Patio we’re finding that it’s not just a desire for “stay-cations” motivating Long Islanders to want their own spectacular outdoor retreat. It seems, as the economy improves, the desire to celebrate is in the air. And with the onset of great weather, we’re hungering to hold life’s special occasions — outdoors.

Whatever the motivation or celebration, any outdoor oasis must start with the right foundation. We have found Cambridge Pavingstones with ArmorTec to be the most durable and beautiful. That’s because these pavers do not show signs of color loss or fading over time, and have blemish-free surfaces. In particular, at Deck and Patio, we often recommend the “Ledgestone 3Pc. Design Kit” from Cambridge’s “The Sherwood Collection,” for the pavers’ particular shape, surface and unique design opportunities.

Cambridge also has a good line of Wallstones to complement the pavers laid down in patios, terraces, walkways, and pool surrounds. Constructed to the right height, in

addition to delineating outside spaces attractively, these walls can make perfect seating benches. Such extra seating is great for friends and family to gather around a large- screen television for ballgames, or a fire pit to toast hot dogs and marshmallows, or to sit when eating from a buffet plate.

In addition, no one plans an outdoor oasis to enjoy just for one season. We’re talking about a lifestyle change — which is another reason why we love Cambridge Pavingstones so much. For as summers get hotter and winters get colder, these seem to withstand abuse better than any poured and stenciled concrete. They are also quite resistant to chipping, de-icing salts and snow plowing.

Of course, maybe you don’t want to create the “ideal” outdoor paradise all at once. If that’s the case, you are not alone. Budgetary realities might mean starting small — but with a plan. Here at Deck and Patio we have a terrific computer program. We can design an oasis that can be done over time. And you can see how it will look each step of the way.

Perhaps the first phase will be simply a new walkway, or terrace — beautifully made from durable Cambridge Pavingstones. Another phase might include a fire pit and pergola. Still later, a pool, or water feature, spa, and outdoor kitchen. A stepping stone path, new deck, patios — the sky’s the limit for your dreams.



Photo: Cambridge Pavingstones








Photo: Cambridge Pavingstones







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