July 4th Weekend: Plant Some Zinnias for Long Lasting Color

To enjoy three or more months of bright color, why not plant some Zinnia seeds when you are out barbecuing over July 4th weekend? These plants don’t like to be moved about, so seeds are not only an easy and inexpensive way to go, but the Zinnias will thank you for it.




They should spring up nicely within 4-6 weeks and will last until the first frost!

Tip: These colorful beauties like sun and good drainage; plant them at least 4″ apart (up to a foot if plants are large…they hate being crowded together); fertilize every 4-6 weeks. Added bonus: butterflies love them.

They’re in the daisy family, so if you can’t resist, go ahead, find out if he or she loves you.

Happy 4th everyone!