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Deck Designers/Builders, Long Island, NY: New Deck Surround for Swimming Pool

Insert A few months back, we showcased a deck project we were constructing in Oyster Bay, NY. Working with True Blue Swimming Pools, who did the pool upgrades, we have since completed the pool’s durable Fiberon deck surround, replaced the old lawn with new sod, and brightened it all up with colorful landscaping.


Old Deck 

Old Deck


The clients’ old pressure treated deck had buckled and nails kept popping up.

“Over the years, these clients got tired of hammering them back in,” says Deck and Patio owner, Dave Stockwell. “Not to mention that these older decks weren’t framed correctly for today’s codes. You could see the old boards actually sagging.”

When a pool, patio or deck needs refurbishing, it offers a great time to add a dramatic statement or two, says Dave. “In this case, our design included dramatic coping along the far side of the pool that we installed flush with the lawn.”


Updated Pool Surround Oyster Bay, NY:

Updated Pool Surround Oyster Bay, NY:

When a pool, patio or deck needs refurbishing, it is a great time to add a special statement or two, says Dave. “In this case, our design included dramatic coping along the far side of the pool that we installed flush with the lawn.”



Fiberon Decking

Fiberon Decking:


Deck and Patio frequently builds decks with “capped composite” materials from a variety of manufacturers — all of whom we highly recommend. And like all these companies, Fiberon offers not only low-maintenance care being stain, mold, insect and splinter resistant, but the materials also keep their beautiful look with little effort on the part of the homeowners. Fiberon, however, also has grooves along the side which allow deck builders to install the boards using hidden fasteners, so there are no nails to worry about. Ever.

“In addition, Fiberon provides something special that others do not,” says Dave Stockwell. They boast a special warranty; not only does the manufacturer give the usual 25-year warranty on its materials, the company offers a five-year warranty on labor as well. This means there is no coast at all to the homeowner should it not live up to its claims during the first five years, and of course, it continues to provide 20 years additional warranty on the materials.”


Fiberon Swimming Pool Deck Surround:

Fiberon Swimming Pool Deck Surround:

Once bare feet season is back, these Oyster Bay, NY, clients will enjoy an expansive deck surround that contains no nails. It’s also a comfort that they have a fantastic warranty with their Fiberon low-mainteance decking.


Bluestone Stepping Stones:

Bluestone Stepping Stones:

Using irregular bluestone, we installed a group of stepping stones for a hammock just above and to the right of the pool’s edge, where the clients can put their stand-alone hammock during the outdoor season.



Long Island Deck Builders: Why Choose Fiberon Composite Decking?


At Deck and Patio, we frequently build decks out of “capped composite” deck materials from several manufacturers — all of whom we highly recommend and can wholeheartedly get behind. Today, however, we are focusing on one particular brand — Fiberon.

Like all composite decking, Fiberon offers low-maintenance care. Stain, mold, insect and splinter resistant, it keeps its beautiful look with little effort on your part.

Fiberon also comes with a very special warranty; not only does the manufacturer give the usual 25-year-warranty on its composite decking materials, it offers a five-year warranty on labor to boot. This means there is no cost at all to the homeowner should it not live up to its claims during the first five years, and, of course, it provides 20 years additional warranty on the materials.

“In addition, while most composite decking manufacturers work hard to create a consistent product so that every board looks the same,” says Bill Renter, Deck and Patio’s outdoor living expert, “Fiberon believes a deck should look like natural wood, where boards naturally vary in color etc.”

One of the projects we are highlighting today is at present a work-in-progress. The client has a kitchen floor made of exotic wood and like all natural woods, the flooring is not monochromatic, but has different shades even though it’s the same material. Our client likes the randomness and variation very much, and chose Fiberon boards for his new deck for this same reason.


Fiberon Deck Boards (Long Island/NY):

Fiberon Deck Boards (Long Island/NY):

Here’s a load that just arrived for a deck we’re building locally. Note the grooves on the side of Fiberon’s boards. The grooves allow builders like Deck and Patio to easily install hidden fasteners. This means there will not be any nails or screws showing — just a clean, smooth look.



 3-Level Fiberon Deck (Long Island/NY):

3-Level Fiberon Deck (Long Island/NY):

For this work-in-progress job, we removed an existing 2-level deck that wasn’t functional enough for the family. What you see here is the pressure-treated wood framing we are building to support the Fiberon deck boards.

Our design calls for a new 3-level deck with hot tub: the upper level will be just outside their kitchen and will house a new outdoor kitchen; the dining area will be on the middle level, and the lower level will be next to a new pond we’re building for them, which will come right up to the deck for maximum enjoyment.



Award-Winning Fiberon Deck Project:

Award-Winning Fiberon Deck Project:

This previous waterside 3-level Fiberon deck project (also with hot tub) won Deck and Patio a prestigious award. As above, Fiberon’s clean lines vary in tone giving a natural look.

Of course the strong “capped composite” nature of the decking ensures durability — a real boon near salt water. Fiberon looks like wood, but is warranted against staining and fading. No nail holes or wood knots either. For more on this project: https://deckandpatio.com/outdoor-living-spaces-deck-and-patio-restoration-showcase/



Fiberon Deck (Long Island/NY):

Fiberon Deck (Long Island/NY):

These homeowners may not have a large backyard, but that didn’t mean they sacrificed quality. These clients found their Fiberon deck with two sets of steps surprisingly budget-friendly.

Even in such a tight area, our design allowed space for dining and sufficient room for a chaise lounge, barbecue and the ability to move around. Most importantly, we did not over-build the available space in their yard. For more on this project: https://deckandpatio.com/budget-backyards-are-you-assessing-your-mall-backyard-fairly/




Outdoor Enthusiasts Get New Deck and Hot Tub

“We were originally contracted to do only a deck for these Centerport, Long Island clients,” says Deck and Patio’s Outdoor Living Expert, Bill Renter. But, as is often the case when building one, the homeowners soon after requested a spa.”

It was very important to them that any new deck and railing would embrace, and not block, their lovely backyard water views. Regarding the hot tub, they wanted it to blend well with the deck, and that the complete outdoor area be maintenance-free as well as elegant.

“A key decision was the stainless steel cable railing we chose, which does not obstruct the yard’s water views from any place on the deck, even when they are sitting,” says Renter. “And, indeed, all the materials used for the deck do not require painting or staining.”

Our team also helped them choose a maintenance-free encasement for their new Bullfrog Spa; it coordinates handsomely with the Trex Transcend deck planks.

“Plus we set the hot tub on a matching custom platform to make it easily accessible from anywhere on the two-story deck. It’s just steps out their back door, which ensures these outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy it even during snowy and cold winters — something they especially wanted.”

This  project won The Deck and Patio Company a prestigious 2014 Merit award from the Northeast Spa & Pool Association (NESPA).


Decks and Railings

Decks and Railings:

Trex “Lava Rock” Transend decking and CableRail by Feeney together offer not only the sleek look the homeowners wanted, but the cable infills do not obstruct views from any position.



Deck Railings

Deck Railings:

The rail caps are Trex Deck board chosen to match the decking; the railing infills are CableRail by Feeney and the balusters part of Feeney’s Designer Rail system.



Deck Lounge Area

Deck Lounge Area:

Whether it’s from the hot tub, or the dining and lounge areas, the deck is an ideal spot to appreciate the property and location.



Portable Spa

Portable Spa:

Deck and Patio helped the homeowners choose the right-sized portable spa and integrated it into the new deck, partly by adding a spa encasement of mahogany PVC boards that look like wood, but, like the deck material, will not rot, and which suggest a modern, rich and upscale look.



Deck Dining Area

Deck Dining Area:

It was important that when the clients sat on their new deck, the railing infill (here made of stainless steel) did not spoil their exquisite views.



Spa Installation

Spa Installation:

Set high on a platform, the spa is conveniently located just steps out their back door, ensuring they will use the spa even during snowy and cold winters — something these homeowners especially wanted.

Can Even a Deck Railing Reflect Your Personality?

“Definitely!” says Long Island deck builders, The Deck and Patio Company

The Deck and Patio’s outdoor expert believes that even the humble deck railing can help showcase one’s personality. This is because, other than the specifications required in local building codes, there are few rules or requirements in choosing a railing.

For example, a deck railing by no means has to match the deck. It just needs to coordinate with it. With all the different options available: baluster and post sizes, shapes, materials, and colors — and the freedom to mix and match — a railing is an easy way to express oneself. And when we do that? We’re rarely unhappy with the results.

So homeowners might ask themselves: Are we people who cherish privacy? Or, are we nature enthusiasts who want the maximum view possible? Or, perhaps, are we traditional in our tastes. Yet, again, maybe, we prefer a bit of whimsy and like to let loose a little?






Long Island deck builders, The Deck and Patio Company, helped these clients (see two photos above) add sophisticated drama by framing deck with TimberTech’s “Radiance Rail” railing.

To give the sophisticated drama that best expressed their clients, Deck and Patio installed TimberTech’s “Radiance Rail.” Radiance Rail provides the ability to mix and match posts and balusters, and also offers a range of post caps. The ideal choice for these clients was a cap fitted with TimberTech’s recessed DeckLites. This extra outdoor deck lighting not only offered more nighttime safety but provided it in an understated style — perfect for these homeowners.



In this case, lovely outdoor views were of primary concern to clients who are avid outdoor enthusiasts. Acting first as deck builders, Deck and Patio installed a two- story raised deck. And, as is often the case when building a deck, the homeowners also requested a spa. Deck and Patio helped the clients choose the ideal encasement for a new Bullfrog Spa that coordinated nicely with the deck planks and also integrated the spa harmoniously into the deck.

When it came to the deck railing, after all that had been accomplished, it was important that, when the clients sat on their new deck deck or relaxed in the hot tub, the railing infill would not spoil the exquisite views. To accomplish this, infills by “CableRail by Feeney” were chosen because these infills are almost unnoticeable.






Trex Railing with black metal balusters was chosen by Deck and Patio for this installation because they hold up so well to the elements.

For this final set of clients, who live at a rivers edge, their extraordinary view was so expansive, there was little concern that a railing would obstruct the view. However, these clients, who can step from their deck onto a private dock, functionality and durability were key. Long Island deck builders, Deck and Patio, installed for them a

handsome Trex Composite Railing with black metal balusters that offered more than waterside security. These railings offer protection from UV rays and will stand against damage from insects, water, or sun.

Note: because the top rail (cap) of a railing is usually selected separately from the infill and posts, the cap presents special opportunity to be creative. You can go wild with color choices, materials and styles, Here’s a tip: Pick a wide top rail if you are a passionate gardener or you love to entertain. With a wider cap, you can easily rest small planters or drinks.



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