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Outdoor Enthusiasts Get New Deck and Hot Tub

“We were originally contracted to do only a deck for these Centerport, Long Island clients,” says Deck and Patio’s Outdoor Living Expert, Bill Renter. But, as is often the case when building one, the homeowners soon after requested a spa.”

It was very important to them that any new deck and railing would embrace, and not block, their lovely backyard water views. Regarding the hot tub, they wanted it to blend well with the deck, and that the complete outdoor area be maintenance-free as well as elegant.

“A key decision was the stainless steel cable railing we chose, which does not obstruct the yard’s water views from any place on the deck, even when they are sitting,” says Renter. “And, indeed, all the materials used for the deck do not require painting or staining.”

Our team also helped them choose a maintenance-free encasement for their new Bullfrog Spa; it coordinates handsomely with the Trex Transcend deck planks.

“Plus we set the hot tub on a matching custom platform to make it easily accessible from anywhere on the two-story deck. It’s just steps out their back door, which ensures these outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy it even during snowy and cold winters — something they especially wanted.”

This  project won The Deck and Patio Company a prestigious 2014 Merit award from the Northeast Spa & Pool Association (NESPA).


Decks and Railings

Decks and Railings:

Trex “Lava Rock” Transend decking and CableRail by Feeney together offer not only the sleek look the homeowners wanted, but the cable infills do not obstruct views from any position.



Deck Railings

Deck Railings:

The rail caps are Trex Deck board chosen to match the decking; the railing infills are CableRail by Feeney and the balusters part of Feeney’s Designer Rail system.



Deck Lounge Area

Deck Lounge Area:

Whether it’s from the hot tub, or the dining and lounge areas, the deck is an ideal spot to appreciate the property and location.



Portable Spa

Portable Spa:

Deck and Patio helped the homeowners choose the right-sized portable spa and integrated it into the new deck, partly by adding a spa encasement of mahogany PVC boards that look like wood, but, like the deck material, will not rot, and which suggest a modern, rich and upscale look.



Deck Dining Area

Deck Dining Area:

It was important that when the clients sat on their new deck, the railing infill (here made of stainless steel) did not spoil their exquisite views.



Spa Installation

Spa Installation:

Set high on a platform, the spa is conveniently located just steps out their back door, ensuring they will use the spa even during snowy and cold winters — something these homeowners especially wanted.

How Important Is the Right Deck Railing?

A prairie farmer was asked how he liked his farm’s distant views of the Rocky Mountains.

“Oh, the mountains are all right,” he replied, “but they sure do block the view.”

The farmer’s response may cause a smile, but when it comes to our cherished outdoor views, aren’t we’re all a little like that farmer? Take the homeowners of this smashing deck overlooking a lovely water-side landscape.

Outdoor enthusiasts both, the couple wanted a very attractive, modern-looking deck on which to enjoy the outdoors and their beautiful water views, and a conveniently placed portable spa. And hey did not want the deck or spa to block their property’s views in any way.

To accomplish all they wanted, the least noticeable part of the project was perhaps the most important: the deck’s stainless steel cable railing. Like the deck, it is delightfully maintenance free and elegant. More to the point, the cable railing does not obstruct the yard’s languid water views from any place on the deck — even when people are sitting.

Cable rails – sometimes called “wire rope” railings – are safety rail infill that substitute horizontal or vertical cables for spindles, and, in this case, they were an ideal choice.

Special notes: All the materials used for this deck and railing do not require painting or staining; the rail cap was stained to blend perfectly with the overall deck/spa design.


CableRail by Feeney:

CableRail by Feeney:

CableRail by Feeney enhances, but does not obstruct, property’s beautiful views.


Maintenance Free Decking:

Maintenance Free Decking:

Hot tub’s PCV boards, Trex decking and stainless steel railing are ultra-low-maintenance.


Trex Transcend Decking:

Trex Transcend Decking:

The Bullfrog Spa’s base, framed in PVC boards, harmonizes beautifully with the project’s “vintage lantern” Trex Transcend decking.


Design/Build Experts:

Design/Build Experts:

The right design/build experts can execute the perfect plan for homeowners’ needs – in this case, a two-story deck with cable railing and installed portable spa.



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