Giving the Gift of a Design Session

Give the Gift of a Design Session

Same Ol' Same Ol' Gifts

Same Ol’ Same Ol’ Gifts








Okay, you’re pretty sure Dad doesn’t want another tie or package of tennis balls for Father’s Day. However, time is running out. What to do? 

Well, we can’t guarantee we can build him a new outdoor kitchen in time for Father’s Day. But we can set up an appointment for him to plan out his dream kitchen with us (via phone or Skype if he requires). 

So all you’ll need do is give him a card with the scheduled time and date.

If you’d like to wrap something beyond just a card, you can print out some examples of Deck and Patio’s outdoor kitchens. Below is a sampling of our custom projects:



Deck Outdoor Kitchen

Deck Outdoor Kitchen

# 1 

This outdoor kitchen is sitting on a Trex deck (Spiced Rum) where we also created a bench against the railing.

Note how we faced some of the outdoor kitchen with matching boards so it all fits nicely together.





Outdoor Bar/Dining Area:

Outdoor Bar/Dining Area:

# 2

Depending on the space available and how the yard is designed, Dad may want a bar/dining area as part of his outdoor kitchen.

We designed the bar and outdoor kitchen counter in a curved shape to mimic the patio design. It is granite topped and the base of the activity center is faced in natural stone. The lounging area’s outdoor umbrella is portable and can be used where needed, including at the bar/kitchen.

Adding a bar offers a great place for guests and family to gather. In this case, it’s a truly peaceful spot since it was installed near a water feature with waterfalls next to a portable hot tub.



Outdoor Kitchen with Ronda insulated drawers

Outdoor Kitchen with Ronda insulated drawers

# 3

For some Dads, space will be at a premium. But he won’t have to sacrifice style.

As for the particular amenities shown here, one trend we’re seeing in outdoor kitchens is warming/cooling drawers made by companies like Ronda. These insulated drawers are sealed and work without electricity. Your drinks stay cool or your food stays warm depending on what you put in its lower drawer.

They have a magnetic seal, which along with being waterproof will also keep away bugs and dust. Indeed, you can choose a single drawer just for keeping dishes and cutlery completely clean.

(Note: Deck and Patio frequently locates outdoor kitchens fairly close to the inside of the house — unless the property has a destination pool. In the case where all the outdoor living areas are a distance from the house, this requires different planning.)



Deck Outdoor Activity Center:

Deck Outdoor Activity Center:

# 4

For this project, Deck and Patio constructed a custom activity area on the mid-level of a 3-level deck.

Just steps from the top-level’s large seating area, the custom outdoor kitchen/dining area includes a new grill, refrigerator, a small bar to enjoy the water views, and even a smoker/cooker — all set within curved custom cabinetry with a raised bar that mimics the decking in style and design.

Wherever you locate your kitchen, just remember you don’t want to get burned up from intense sun during cooking or dining. A pergola is one answer. But another is to have moveable — yet sturdy — outdoor umbrellas for flexible shade.



Basic Outdoor Kitchen:

Basic Outdoor Kitchen:

# 5

Sometimes space is really tight and that’s no problem.

However. Providing an upgrade to Dad’s old grill may not require a whole lot — just some careful measuring and choosing the perfect amenities to fit the space.





Small Deck With Outdoor Kitchen

Small Deck With Outdoor Kitchen


Another example of Where there’s a will, there’s a way! to fit a full outdoor kitchen. All you could hope for tucked in the corner of a small deck.


If you’d like a few more ideas to print out for Dad, click here:





Feature photo at top of page: If you happen to have a pool, Dad may want his outdoor kitchen to be pool-side — where all the fun is happening.

In the case of this project, the kitchen is part of a drink/dining bar for fun gatherings. This kitchen includes ample work area, barbecue, sink, refrigerator along with the eating bar with bar stools.