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Bringing Your Vacation Experience Back Home

This year's cold snap If during this winter's record-breaking cold snap you sought haven in some warmer climate, no doubt you came back with more than memories of indoor resort comforts. For example, [...]

2018 Landscaping Trends: ‘Forest Bathing’ on Long Island, NY

Those in the know, like HGTV, have spotted a Japanese-inspired landscaping trend that’s expected to remain hot in the U.S. throughout 2018 and beyond. It’s called: forest bathing. No, it doesn’t require a bathing suit. [...]

Can I Fit a Full-Sized Pool on My Small Property?

Body Builder’s Favorite Jeans   Most of us have experienced something that just won’t fit. Be it an old pair of favorite jeans, or that comfy sofa that won’t squeeze into a new [...]