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Can Pond Fish Survive in a Frozen Pond?

2014 Polar Vortex weather map   December 2018 weather in Long Island, NY, has hovered around 50 degrees. However, recent news that the Polar Vortex may very soon cause the northeast some winter trauma [...]

In Winter, Flowing Water Becomes Crystalized Art

If you installed a water feature (stream with waterfalls, pond, fountain) in recent months, you are in for a surprise winter gift. As temperatures stay cold, this outdoor flowing water will crystalize, transforming drops and [...]

Being Prepared for Winter Snowstorms

Snowflake Expressions or idioms develop in a language for good reason. Take “being snowed,” i.e., to be deceived.  Don’t laugh. There’s nothing trickier than snow. It captivates, delights, is romantic even, as it [...]