Pools with Water Features: Deck and Patio Called Back to Tennessee

poolkings-jpgFor a second year in a row, The Deck and Patio Company has been invited to Tennessee to assist Peek Pools and Spas in a spectacular pool project that will be the focus of an upcoming episode of HGTV’s popular television show, Pool Kings.

As water feature specialists, we have been installing the pool’s waterfall/stream and grotto area situated on a large shelf at the back of the pool.

In addition to the waterfall/grotto amenities, two unique fire and water features will add drama to the left and right of the main waterfall.

“This past Tuesday, we worked on setting the rest of the boulders on the shelf and Wednesday we worked on the stream area that feeds the main waterfall,” says Deck and Patio’s Bill Renter.




One of Deck and Patio’s award-winning Long Island swimming pool projects, with a serpentine slide and waterfall, — a project that required installing a lot of large natural stones — came to the attention of Peek Pools and HGTV last year.




Last year’s completed project

Last year’s completed project

“Last year’s project was in Nashville and we  installed the waterfall for a magnificent pool that aired on Pool Kings last season,” says Bill.

This year, we were called back to create a special water feature for a pool being built in Franklin, Tennessee. The following video shows the early stages of Deck and Patio fixing in place three key rocks that will form a grotto area. The rocks positioned on either side of the grotto each weigh 4,000 pounds and the connecting stone, or spill stone, is 6,000 pounds.

“We needed two machines to put these key stones in place,” says Bill. “But it’s all in a day’s work, frankly. We’re used to dealing with heavy rock placement. In fact, choosing and placing the perfect rocks is really the soul of all beautiful water features.”

Here we are on day two of this latest project:



Waterfall/Grotto Project in Franklin, TN:

Waterfall/Grotto Project in Franklin, TN:

It took two machines to be able to lift in place three key rocks that will form the foundation for the grotto/waterfall area at the back end of a new swimming pool.


Waterfall/Grotto Project in Franklin, TN:

Waterfall/Grotto Project in Franklin, TN:

Here you see more stones added. You’ll have to use your imagination to picture the project finished, complete with soil, flowers and ground cover in and around rocks, and water spilling over the grotto with two large fire features on either side.

Happy imagining…that is until the Pool Kings episode for this HGTV project airs. We’ll keep you posted.