Whether it is for a patio, stepping stone path, driveway, or spa and pool surround, there we often recommend concrete pavers. In many cases, these are not only cost-effective, but because they come in so many designs, shapes, and colors, they are extremely flexible and adaptable to a large variety of jobs.

Also, we love them because they look so natural. Instead of one-sized brick being placed throughout an entire patio or retaining wall, some manufacturers’ kits — which include varying shapes — ensure an attractive design, for example, a random pattern in lieu of straight lines and flat images, or in a running block pattern. It also means that because of manufacturers often offer a wide list of product materials, matching stones are readily available for complementary retaining walls, steps, risers, coping, etc. The following is one example of an attractive random pattern.




For this project, we helped our clients choose an attractive random pattern for their patio.

For another design and build project (below 2 photos), our outdoor living expert created five different patio levels around a pool and integrated moss rock stone with the pavers.

In addition to the patios, this overall project features cascading water, a hot water fall into a new spa, then a spillover from the spa five feet above the main pool. In total there are five waterfalls. From the highest waterfall to the lawn below is an elevation change of twelve feet — all with different grades.




We created five different patio levels around the pool, all comprised of concrete pavers.

Five feet above the main pool, this backyard retreat renovation features cascading water into a new spa surrounded by spa patio made from concrete pavers.

We also believe that using pavers will not only provide a beautiful pool deck, but they offer a safer surface that prevents slipping.* In addition, they maintain a cooler walking area and can handle moisture better than concrete surfaces. And because the pavers we recommend to our clients are stronger than regular concrete, they are extremely durable for regular entertaining.

In another design and build project (below), we added a swim up bar in the main pool that features stunning granite countertops, as well as in-pool bar stools, swim out steps, a slide, and pergola.



Durable and resilient, certain concrete pavers can create a pool surround that stands up to lots of foot traffic.

In addition to using our favorite paving stones for the following patio project, we recommended using one manufacturer’s “Rocka” steps, along with moss rock boulders and creeping plant material. This combination handsomely stabilized a hill area without the need of a retaining wall.



The “Rocka” steps we recommended have a wide-walking slip-resistant surface* — key to any project that is part of a water feature. www.deckandpatio.com

*Note: Some pavers claim to surpass the slip resistance standards established by the American Disabilities Act. However, these manufacturers also say that some sealers on the market can decrease the friction coefficient of pavers under wet conditions. Deck and Patio’s outdoor living expert therefore recommends speaking with a professional when considering sealing pavers where non-slip resistance is desired.